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Anonymous asked in 教育及參考書教學 · 1 decade ago


要用a few / a liitle / plenty of / some / so many / so much /

Let's all make an effort

Pollution is a big problem. There are 1.________ construction sites around our city. 2.________ rubbish is produced every day. There are 3.______ vehicles on the road , producing 4. _______smoke. All these things make the air very dirty.

Over the past years, people have tried to slove the problem. There were only 5. _________ recycling bins in the past. Nowadays, there are 6.________ recycling bins around the city. People can recycle more to help improve the situation.

Be a healthy student

Many students in Hong Kong do not have a healthy lifestyle. They have unhealthy diets. They eat 7.__________ snacks, making them overweight.8.__________ of them even eat snacks instea of proper meals. They ought to eat 9.__________ fruit, vegetables and rice to stay healthy. They should eat only 10.__________ fatty and sweet food like ice cream. Also , they spend 11._________ time in front of the computer . They do 12._________ exercise sometimes, but it is not enough. It would be good for them if they could spend 13._________ hours on exercise every week.

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    Favorite Answer many much much much

    5.a few

    6.plenty of much

    8.a liitle

    9.plenty of much much

    12.plenty of

    13.plenty of


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