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陳昇遠 asked in 社會及文化語言 · 1 decade ago

急! 請幫忙修改句子 part 1 20m

請高手幫手執執d錯既文法 thx~~


這個鬼故事可能好多澳門人都知 ... 唔知你又聽過未呢?

澳門大三巴牌坊 , 我諗好多未來過澳門的朋友都聽過 , 今次講的就係關於佢的故事 。

話說 : 以前中國人好多都唔係好鐘意西方的文化 , 一向視天主教 , 基督教為異教 , 佢地有時都會聯群結隊去教堂搗亂 , 甚至殺死傳教士 ...

this ghost story may be a lot of macau people to


do you hear the ghost story?

macau ruins of St.Paul ,i think a lot of people

had heared its name.

i tell you about its ghost story.

formerly chinese people not like the Europe's

religion culture, Catholicism and Christianity to be

of the opinion that evil sectarian.

some times,they'll organize to make trouble

church,they even kill the Missionaries .

大三巴就係當時一個經常被搗亂的教堂之一 , D傳教士為求自保 , 就掘左好多防空洞 , 秘道咁 ... 好耐之前已經有個傳聞 , 有條秘道因方向錯誤的關係 , 可以通到去一間大三巴後面的屋內的 。

果間屋係太平之後就有一家人買左 , 佢地一家四口 , 開頭住落都冇乜野 , 後來祖母經常聽到孫仔係度唔知同邊個講野 , 佢就走左去問個孫仔 , 點知 ... 孫仔就帶左呀祖母入房 , 爬左入床下面 , 之後走出黎話 : " 伯伯返左入去了 ! "

Ruins of St.Paul was one of the church destroied by some pepole. The missioner want to keep their life. So they dug some dugout and tunnel.

One of the tunnel was something wrong about the direction. So it could go to the house below Ruins of St .Paul.

This house was brought by a family. They had four people to live here. Then grandmother heard her grandson talking with another person. And she asked him. Grandson called his grandmother to come in the room. Then he walk beside the bed and say "Uncle get into ".

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    Many people from Macau probably heard this story before, but have you heard this before? There is a famous place called Ruins of St. Paul in Macau, even if never been to Macau would know this place. Today I'm going to tell you about its story.

    Once upon a time, there were many Chinese people against to western culture. They see religious such as Catholic and Christian as evil. They always made a lot of trouble in the church, and even kill the priests.

    The church located at Ruins of St. Paul was one of the places that have been destroyed. Lots of shelters and hidden passages were built by the priests at that time in order to protect themselves if something happened. There was a rumor; one of the hidden passages could go to a house that located behind the Ruins of St. Paul. At the later days, that house was bought by a Chinese family. There were four people living at that house. Nothing was happened at first. But then the grandmother found that her grandson always talking to someone, so he asked her grandson who he was talking to. Grandmother then followed her grandson and walked towards the bedroom. Grandson crawled under the bed and out, "he's gone." Grandson said.

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