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各位英文很好的大大們..我最近要寫一封信給美國一間紙巾公司...可是 我實在是...很不會寫...希望各位大大們可以幫我修改修改~~

I am writing to enquire about your products - nepkin, few days ago I got one package of nepkin from your company, And this product is very helpful to our business.

Therefore, I'd love to ask about the price of nepkin and how much amount we buy and you could give us a discount? I also want to know how many patterns your company print?

Because we are in Taiwan, so it's hard to talk face to face.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

( 我是要寫memo格式的]不是email)

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    您寫得不錯,客人會了解, 紙巾拼錯了,應該是napkin才是.table-napkin餐巾紙.

    I got your one package napkin in few days ago, and very interested in your this product; it was so helpful to our business.

    We are very interested in importing your napkin and would appreciate your sending us your term, including the CIF Taiwan and FOB price, period of delivery, minimum quantity and discount details for regular purchases and large orders etc.....

    Also, we want to know how many patterns for your print designs?

    We are regret that we cannot meet you discuss this matter each other in Taiwan.

    Thanks for your attention and look forward to your prompt reply.

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  • Anonymous
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  • 陽陽
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    Our company are very interested about your products after receiving the sample of napkin.

    Please send me your catelogue. And if the quotation of your company is competitive, we will glad to have business with you.

    We're looking forward to hear from you soon.

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