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那歌名是 Sara Love

還是 Glamour Bitch ?

Update 2:

我知道了 :D

是 Glamour Bitch

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Sara Love - Glamour Bitch

    (Ft. Milano Money)


    Home-Home-Homeboy C'mon,

    Don't mistake me for a silly blonde

    I ain't down with no silicone


    Home-Home-Homeboy C'mon,

    If you got a wedding ring on

    (get the f**k out)

    Be gone.

    Up in smoke like Cheech and Chong

    'Cause the things that I like

    Are expensive, fancy, sassy, and fly

    You can call me crazy - Crazy rich!


    'Cause the things that I buy

    Are accessories and Glamour and Style

    You can call me crazy - Crazy rich!



    2009-03-29 10:37:30 補充:



    2009-03-30 21:05:04 補充:

    恩沒錯~歌名是Glamour Bitch

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