Making deposits into USAA Account?

I just opened a USAA bank account, one of the features that caught me was the deposit@home, which sadly I don't qualify for. I know I can deposit checks through the mail which can take up to 5-7 business days, or that I can wire my money from another bank which can take up to 3 business days.

are there any banks or atms that I can make deposits right away?


I tried calling the 1-800 number but the operator was of no help, just wondering if there are any USAA members out there that deposit money through an ATM or Bank

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    Here are the ways that you can make a deposit:

    1. Direct Deposit / Wire Transfer / Western Union

    If it is a true emergency, use the Western Union Quick Collect form (it's blue)

    Code City: Fourstartexas

    City: San Antonio

    State: TX

    Make sure your account number (not your member number), name, and address are filled out correctly.

    2. Funds Transfer: Add your other account to the funds transfer list. This will help for future transfers (there is a set up period like paypal's with test deposits so it's not going to help you this moment).

    3. Cash Advance: If you have a MasterCard debit card with your other account, you can use the MasterCard feature to cash advance funds into the USAA account.

    Some tips about cash advance:

    In click on your checking account. there is a dropdown menu on the right with More Services. A link in that list allows you to perform a cash advance.

    the bank you are moving the money from may have a limit on the card for how large your cash advance can be. If you need more money than the normal limit, call them and ask for an increase.

    If you are using a debit card for the cash advance, there shouldn't be a fee (I've never heard of one) but if it's a credit card any fees/interest the card charges will apply.

    4. Deposit@Home: Deposit@Home requires two things

    Either: You have an active insurance policy and USAA has pre-approved you for a credit product (loan/creditcard/line of credit)

    OR: You are eligible for Insurance and you have an existing credit product. Technically you can accomplish this even if you don't qualify for a traditional credit product by opening a CD Loan, which can be done with a minimum of 2500.00 CD...or refinance something with USAA.

    5. Mail checks: Deposit envelopes are free, you seem pretty familiar with this process.

    6. Initiate funds transfer through your other bank's website.

    7. There is not currently a way to deposit money at an ATM/other place however I've heard rumors they are looking into something I'd say don't give up hope yet.

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    The deposit@home feature is just the coolest thing ever. I think if you open a credit card account you can do it. I was told the only way to deposit was deposit@home or by mail. If you haven't tried to get one of their credit cards, it can't hurt to apply for it. If you don't want to use it just open the account and file the card away somewhere safe. Hope this helps.

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    making deposits usaa account

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    Western Union Blue Quick Collect

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    I am confused to becasue when she signed deposit only that should have been to her account and have nothing to do with yours, however it is a dumb idea because if someone bounced the check to her it will bounce to you as well and you could end up with a boat load of fees and the bank holds YOU responsible not her.

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    Your bank may require her to be present when they accept the check. That means the 2 of you should go to the local branch. Even if they don't, do NOT plan on spending this money for 6 months. It could take that long to bounce. If you are still confused or don't want to wait 6 months, tell her to cash it herself and give you the moeny.

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    is someone able to tell what is the correct answer for this question?

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