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What do you think about the Olympic torch relay being ended?

The IOC has decided to end the global torch relay at the next Olympics. Do you think it should continue, or that we're better off without it?

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  • daisy
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    People acting like animals all around the world - the athletes are not safe - so it has to stop. The people do this themselves and then wail and gnash teeth because things are monitored and changed.

    Same with the banking situation and crimes in this country. We are headed for a big brother - police state and it is our own fault. Students killing in schools? Then we protest about the zero tolerance and heavy monitoring? We are doing all of this to ourselves.

    Thanks for the chance to rant. It won't accomplish anything, but it felt good. Here, have a star.

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    It's really sad, but I kind of agree with them.

    There was a lot of people protesting Tibet along the torch relay trail. Don't get me wrong, it's horrible what China has done with Tibet, and it deserves to be protested, but the Olympics is not an appropriate target for this kind of protest. The Olympics should be apolitical in nature.

    If you look back at it, Hitler tried to make the Berlin olympics about race. Mexico City, black olympians made a statement about race. The PLO attacked the Israeli olympians in Berlin in the 70's. Jimmy Carter did not allow the Americans to go to Russia for the olympics. Ever since then, the olympics has just been spiraling more and more and more into something that is used for political purposes. Can't we just enjoy the sport of the games themselves and leave politics aside?

    The thing is, we'd have to all agree to do this. All it takes is one crank out there who's more interested in his own agenda than about the spirit of the olympics (and believe me, there are plenty of people who have one agenda that is the biggest event in their life, around which all other things revolve), and that nutjob is going to use the olympics as a platform to push their cause. You will never get away from this, and seeings as it worked so well for Tibet, it will only encourage others to protest along the torch relay route.

    Frankly, I recall when the Olympics was every 4 years. That was great! Going to alternating the summer and winter olympics every 2 years was a big mistake. People don't get nearly as excited as they once did. I know I don't. And why did they do it? Because some people whined that some olympians could compete in both a winter and a summer sport, but that the training would be different, so they could not if the summer and winter olympics were in the same year. Boo-ho. wahha. One superstar can't grab up all the gold. I feel so sorry for them. We truely live in an age of instant gratification. Apples tasted so much better when you had to wait for Apple season. The anticipation of something you haven't had in a while makes it more pleasurable.

  • I hope
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    1 decade ago

    that sucks! I saw the torch as a kid in Atlanta. It was a beautiful site.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Who cares . There are important things happening in the world .

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