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Tourist Transport in New Zealand?

I need info on - Transport options, schedules, routes etc available to tourist within New Zealand

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    The transport options available for tourists are mainly planes, trains and buses.

    The main domestic airline would be Air New Zealand.

    The train routes are limited and are more of a scenic/tourist experience rather than getting from "point A to point B". These go between Auckland - Wellington, Greymouth - Christchurch, Christchurch - Kaikoura - Blenheim - Picton, and all of the small town stops along the way. Because they are aimed for tourists who want the scenic experience, they are a little more expensive. Check in the sources section for the website where you can check their schedule.

    The airline service through Air New Zealand goes to practically any town in New Zealand with an airport. These are the larger towns like Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin, as well as smaller tourist spots like Rotorua, Taupo and Napier/Hastings. Check in the sources section for the AirNZ website.

    The bus services in NZ vary, depending on how much you are wanting to pay/level of comfortability. Naked Bus is aimed at backpackers, and depending how early you book you can pay just $1 for your trip. Another service is InterCity, which has set prices. If you choose to travel only with InterCity you can purchase flexipasses which enable you to travel the country relatively cheaply. Otherwise, you can pay up to $75+ for a one way trip. Again, links in the sources section.

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    there are various walks you're able to do without paying ( it is apart from the "national" tracks like the Milford song, Queen charlotte, Abel Tasman etc..... I worked on the West Coast ( of the South Island) at Franz Josef and there are some remarkable walks and places to work out for loose....confident having a hire automobile will help you get to the places yet extraordinarily lots all the walks around there are loose. there will be a brilliant type of little walks which you're able to do. that's an option to purchase little brouchures with reference to the walks that have maps, what to work out and do, historic previous etc....those are many times discovered at branch of Conservation centres ( record) for a greenback or so and could be sensible at times, others might purely desire a generic freebie map of the section that back somewhat gained. If no longer walks, them drives ( scenic drives) vacationing a scenic reserve, going to the sea coast......

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