Is this a genetic disease?

My hands start shaking whenever i try to do something with a lot of concentration and sometimes they shake for no reason. Like yesterday i was submitting my HW to the teacher and my started shaking...and i wasn't feeling nervous or scared..i was pretty calm

P.S. Sometimes this happens to my dad too. But for me it more often now.. please help!

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    You are referring to tremors. And no, they aren't all genetic. Did you know that your teeth chattering from the cold (or fear) is a type of tremor?

    The shaky hands tremor could be as innocuous as benign essential tremor. If that is what your father has, you had a 50% chance of inheriting that trait. This type of tremor is not associated with any known pathology (such as Parkinson's).

    Physiologic tremor occurs in every normal individual and has no clinical significance. These tremors can be brought on by fatigue, fever, extreme cold, diabetes, certain types of medication, hyperthyroidism, or alcohol withdrawal. These types of tremors can be reversed when the cause is found.

    Hope this helped.

  • well ya this is is obvious that we get something or the other from our parents only the difference is that sometimes we get big diseases or sometimes we get the small natural problems that our parents this is purely a case or heredity but still from preventing it to pass to the other generation u should take some measures like meditation n all cos it comes from the nerves n to bring the nerves in control u have to do some of the concentrating exercises!!!

    best of luck...

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    I assume your dad does not have Parkinson's disease, or you would have mentioned that. This is typically a nerve disorder that is not dangerous. In fact, it's pretty common. See your doctor when you can, it's best to just find out for sure.

    Good luck

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    yea genetic. i get that some times if i have my arm out and it shakes a little bit i think allot of people have this, its normal though

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