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89 chev trk 5.7 tbi what does the knock sensor do?

runs fine then light goes on, idle goes up. under load i get spark knock or pings. whats up?

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    The knock sensor advances or retards the timing based on engine conditions. A bad sensor will give you a check engine light. They are not expensive or hard to change. You will have to drain the anti-freeze from the engine block though. remove the sensor and it will drain from the sensor's hole. Put the new sensor in, refill your coolant and your done.

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    try a tankful of premium if that helps then possibly try colder spark plugs and see if the knocking goes away.

    A knock sensor generally retards the timing so it doesn't go through preignition.

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    A knock sensor retards the ignition timing when it detects spark knock.

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    you likely got a bad batch of gas. it happens, id drain the tank if you can and fill it with good fuel then see if goes away. i got a batch so bad in my old turbo car that not only did the knock control unit retard the timing, it also dropped the ign. completely at high boost. i put in better gas from a better station and it went away.

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    you have solid gas rigidity for this type of gas equipment you're able to desire to verify injector pulse first least confusing finished with a noid gentle this gadget usually runs approximately $15.00 at a areas save for a equipment preserve it and you will on no account could desire to purchase yet another one it plugs into the injector wires and could flash as you crank if it flashes the injector needs to get replaced no rely if that is not any longer spraying gas in the throttle physique no rely if that is not any longer flashing solid danger the pickup is undesirable in the distributor and you will % extra attempt at this component i could carry it to a save

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    ya need a t-up plug wires ,.plugs seems the wires have to much resistence ,causing missfires

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