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Science fair topic help!?!? Very Urgent!!!? Im helping my sis with science fair. The question is:

Do different cereals have different amounts of iron?

I need a title for that..Thanx!

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  • millie
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    3 years ago

    circulate as much as random human beings and ask them in the event that they like to take the crimson or the blue tablet. Then do a similar with a set of people who've considered the action picture The Matrix. make constructive the pills are purely placebos, nevertheless.

  • St N
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    1 decade ago

    To iron or not to iron? What's in your cereal?

    Use it as a single title, not two options, and blame me for the really bad groaners/puns. It's pronounced "ssssst ngh!"

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Iron coated cereal?

    (Like sugar coated)

    haha sorry that's rubbish it's too late to be using my brain :(

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