Who are the most Overated Offensive, Defensive Players in the NFL, as well as coach.?

Ive alwayss thought Brian Uhrlacher got far too much attention, i don't even think he is the best LB on the Bears.... It was like they were trying to baptise him the next Dick Butkis, before he ever did anything.

I think Tony Romo wins most overated offensive player, he is sorta the signature example of not being able to finish.

I Think Jon Gruden was the most overated coach in the League...he won a superbowl with Tony dengee's team, Like Siefert won with Bill walshes teams.



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thanx doort... Butkus*

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Damnit! DUNGY*

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    Most overrated offensive player is Terrell Owens. People still worship him; but all he does is drop 15-20 passes a year and destroy team chemistry.

    Romo? I'm waiting another year to pass judgment on him. This is his fourth year playing; and it took Troy Aikman that long to win a playoff game.

    On defense, I think the most overrated player is DeAngelo Hall. Both the Raiders and Redskins threw a mint at the guy; and half the time he can't cover his rear-end with his pants.

    Overrated coach-your pick; Gruden.

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    1 decade ago

    I agree with you on Urlacher. I mean, he is a good LB, but yeah, they seemed to call him the greatest before he really did a whole lot.

    I'd say Ben Roethlisberger as most overrated on offense. He's just not that good. He was the #24 QB in the league last year. He plays for a great team with a great defense and a good running game, which is why he won 2 SBs. If you look back at his first SB, he sucked in it, yet the team carried him anyway. He's totally overrated.

    For coach, I'd agree on Gruden. You're right that he won a SB with Dungy's team. Many can argue that he may not have even won that if it weren't for the fact that he was playing the team he built in the SB, and therefore knew them better than even their own coach. He did build his own team in Oakland, and made them good, and they really haven't been the same since he left. The thing that seals the deal though, is that he never was good after that SB. He won with Dungy's team, then as players left, he was never able to rebuild the team himself.

    As for Romo being the most overrated, I do disagree there. He's a good QB, but he doesn't really get overhyped. He's a good QB and many treat him like a good QB, thats all. Most people don't think of him as an elite QB like Manning, Brady, Rivers, etc. He's rated about where he deserves to be, as a good, but not great QB.

    As for someone arguing that Champ Bailey is overrated because of how he did without a pass rush? No CB will be good without a pass rush. Seriously, puy Asomuagha (however you spell it) on like Moss with no pass rush at all, and give Brady as much time as he wants to throw. Asumuagha is the best CB in the league, and I'll guarentee you that he gets beat. Even the best CBs in the league can only hold tight coverage for so long, eventually the play will break down and the WR will find an opening.

  • Jordan
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    1 decade ago

    Defense - Dre Bly. Sure, he was good with the Rams. But as soon as he left, he did nothing. But still just his presence on the field made analysts freak out and underrate quality receivers.

    Offense - I agree, Tony Romo. He's not a bad QB. But he's not serious enough, he's undisciplined, and like you said, he can't finish. It's sad because he has a lot of potential, but he's SO immature. That, and he's compared to all time greats. Announcers ADORE the guy.

    Coach - I agree with your pick of John Gruden. The Bucs record in December during his tenure was atrocious and without Dungy's guys he did nothing.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Defensive player- Champ Bailey

    Offensive player- Eli Manning

    Coach- Tony Dungey

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  • 1 decade ago

    Offense: Eli Manning

    Defense: James Harrison

    Coach: Dungy

  • 1 decade ago

    Yes, I agree about Tony Romo, but Urlacher is a beast and a very good, yet slow LB. I think the most overrated defensive player has to be Ray Lewis. He really is a good linebacker, but he is not the game changer that everyone says he is. The most overrated coach is Andy Reid. He is a fat idiot who doesn't know a whole lot about football.

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  • A.J.
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    1 decade ago

    Offensive: Eli Manning (career 76.1 QB rating)

    Defensive: James Harrison (outside linebackers always do well in that system)

    Coach: Tony Dungy. Colts were almost always a Super Bowl favorite, but rarely go far in the playoffs. I understand that you think Gruden, but if Gruden had stayed in Oakland, Oakland would have beaten Tampa Bay in that Super Bowl. Tampa's big advantage in that game was the fact that Gruden knew Oakland, it was the team he built.

  • 1 decade ago

    Overrated Offensive Player: Matt Cassel god this boy hasnt started since high school and people are starting to think a big things for this boy things he cant handle without moss+ welker whom he wont have in KC. guess he has to settle for bowe+1

    Overrated Defensive Player: I agree Brian Urlacher

    Overrated Coach: Well Jon Gruden got fired but i would not consider him a "coach" in the nfl. Mine would be Andy Reid. just dont like how he treats his players and i just dont like him

    for those who say dungy u dont hav da record for most consecutive 12 win seasons if you are not a good coach especially considerin all the pieces they lost along the year. tampa's biggest mistake: firing tony dungy turned out to b indy's blessing tho

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Most Overrated Defensive Player Goes To.....

    Champ Bailey. We all seen what Champ was like without a pass rush this year, same goes for Dre Bly

    The Most Overrated Offensive Player Goes To....

    Marion Barber. Always injured and when he does play, he really isn't that good without a change of pace back

    The Most Overrated Coach Goes To

    Tony Dungy, I meen Manning practically calls his own plays and colts defence isnt good either

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Defensive , I agree with what you said about Urlacher (btw, you spelled butkus wrong, I woud change it before some stupid bears fans start calling you all names under the sun)

    Offensive , Matt Cassel - A guy with Wes Welker and Randy Moss as his receivers wont excel with an ageing legend and no pro bowl wideouts

    Coach - Mike Tomlin

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