What's your favorite depiction of the X-Men?

There have been several cartoons depicting the famous team of mutants, the X-Men. What I want to know is which is your favorite and why? I want some concise details.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    X-MAN TAS - back when Gambit was a main x-men like he should be, Night crawler actually got to be religious, and the show always had mobs, and riots, and Army's of Sentials, that the x-men took out, not just being over power by like 5 or 10, I hate that, and not to mention Gambit and Rogue's relationship was aw some, and Rogue didn't look like a gothic EM chick. The stores also followed the comics, not just changing things to fit the show better. the Juggernut was actually Unstoppable, Omega Red was actually invincible. the show was Awesome. Beast quotes from famous poetry or literature were priceless.

    The Second Best x-men show would be Wolverine and the x-men cause it has Kitty in it more like she is in the comics, and it has Nightcrawler has main x-men, and replaced Jean with Emma.

  • Jinn
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    1 decade ago

    I liked X Men Evolution, when they're in highschool. Looking back on it, I guess its kind of cheesy, but it was one of those shows that I grew up with. It hold a special place in mah heart haha

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