What is the less dangerous psiquiatrist drug ?

What is the less dangerous psiquiatrist drug ?


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  • 1 decade ago
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    Do you mean psychiatrist drug? Psychiatric medication? All drugs, prescribed or not, have good effects and bad effects. In most, the bad side effects outweigh the good intended effects. A good psychiatrist, before he/she prescribes a drug for you should go over 1) why he/she thinks it will help you, 2) the possible side effects, 3) what studies have shown about this drug, 4) web sites or publications where you can find out more about the drug, and 5) give you the names of some other psychiatrists from whom you can get a second (or third) opinion.

    All drug studies are done on what the experimenter or researcher feels is a representative sampling of a particular group (white, male, US citizens, between 18 and 40, for example). You are a unique individual, and even if your are part of a demographic group that was tested for a particular drug, the results may not apply to you and your unique situation.

    Be cautious and skeptical of any and all drugs.

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