I need help with boy names!?

I am looking for boy names that haven't been used in a while or ones rarely used. Like the older traditional names but I am tired of the common traditional names that seems like everyone still uses. Any suggestions? Any names not traditional are welcome as well. I need ideas.

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    Jude, Marshall, Levi, Alden, Eric, Paul, Jonah, Silas, Theo, Gabriel, Isaac, Adam, Owen, Dane, Vincent, Mitchell, Reed, Heath, Shamus, Joel, Kurt, Ezra, Vito, Shane, Ian, Leon, Dean, Asher, Dominic, Rowan, Craig, Martin, Art.

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  • Thomas, Andrew, Michael, Noah, Jonathon, Daniel, Christoper, Matthew, Robert, Samuel

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    Try Arthur, Lawrence, Chester, Benjamin, Francis, Caleb, or Lyle

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    We have a little boy on the way, our top contenders are:

    (first name and middle name combinations)

    Jackson Noah

    Nicolas Johnny

    Brandon Antonio

    Micheal Noah

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    Braydon, Kalei, Addison,Jameston, Abram, Haden, Harper,

    I personally love all these names there is a lot on baby names on yahoo with the meanings and origins

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    We were thinking of naming our adopted baby boy Karson or Carson, but it was already named. We also like the names Jedidiah, Nate, or Alex. Good Luck!

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    Peter, Robert, John (not Jonathan, just John), Paul, Charles. Those are just some that aren't as commonly used nowadays

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    Detamrius, Dmitry, Dmitrius, Alexandre, Evan, Sterling, Dameon, Stefan these are some of my fave names hope you like them

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