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who killed music??????????????????

how and when was music killed?


racheal, if your implying that nickelback and slipknot are good you must have a mental disorder or your a pre-pubecent loser kid who will end up working at BK graveyard shifts.

Update 2:

well jacky l im insulted that you deny the rotten piss stained corpse that music is today

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    Music isn't dead because if you look really hard, you'll find some amazing artists out there that make real music. So, its more like music is in hiding.

    Its in hiding because of radio and producers. Everything is monotonous, boring, cliche, and its all because they want radio play and cd sales. Music used to be exciting and unique because each individual artist expressed themselves. Now, its all about what sells.

    Britney Spears Luver- I never give thumbs down, but dude what the hell? I've never heard such musical ignorance.

    Source(s): Andy McKee, Keb Mo, and Joe Bonamassa are all good examples of great music in hiding.
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    The Ipod and music downloads. Rock and Roll used to be a shared experience that has been relegated to a tinny whine listened to by people in suits on the morning bus. Music Downloads have reduced the role of the record company who back in the day would spot raw talent, nuture it and to a point have quality control. Today anyone can record an album put it out and call it some kind or 'core' because it's meant for a smaller audience when it's actually sh*t.

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    Some people say when Buddy Holly and the Big Bopper and Ritche Valens died.... ie Don McLean's song American Pie "the day the music died." this was because he thought music should be about moving around and dancing like in the days of Big Dance Hall Bands and Elvis and the early Beatles.

    he did not like the later Beatles, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell and others who made music more about the lyrics and caused you to think

    Many people say that the album Frampton Comes Alive! released in the late 1970's killed music because of how many copies it sold - people started to realize that music was not just about the art and love of it, but that it could actually be a moneymaking industry and so producers and record companies began to study marketing on a deeper level to see what could make money and many artists would then "sell out."

    I tend to agree with the second theory, I love music you can move to but I also love music that makes you think. When ANYTHING not just music, becomes about how much money you can make, rather than the love of the thing itself - I think that kills it right there...

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    Music still lives, Looking out the window, waiting for the new wave a fresh youthfull ideas to come and knock at its door.

    But now only its hair looks young, because very few artists now days can get awesome songs out.

    Music walks around its house waiting, always playing back its old memories of when it really was alive, and well. Full of energy, enjoyed by every soul. And in it old age, Music is still young in its reality.

    Music still lives.

    But it needs more musicians, to support it, and get fit once more.

    Than Music will be back stronger than ever, with a grand smile on its face, and no wrinkles.

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    I think the Cast of teen Disney killed Music.

    *uggh* Hannah montanna *cringes*

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    Music doe suck overall now but I don't know who specifically killed it.

    But look a bit, and you can still find some good stuff.

  • Miley Cyrus,she killed music years ago. And she just sucks! She needs to stop crying over things that she can't get!!! And stop acting like the queen of the world. It sickens me that she is everywhere,and how much trouble she causes. She needs to have talent,like Lady Gaga or system of a down.

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    Since 2008 music is killed because of some stupid boys band noah or miley cyrus creepies. And Lil wayn also ****** up the rap music. I miss the old rap/hiphop music. However i like the song of Lady Gaga but don't really like the song Pokerface i think it sounds the same and most artist do that repeat the same music. Look at Madonna i'm a fan of her and she is my idol but she isn't the same like she use to be.

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    how can people say michael jackson killed music

    he IS music

    puh the people these days

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    I must say that Disney has, and is continuing, to mess up the music industry.

    However, at least the Jonas and Miley crap is safe for kids. That's the way I look at it.

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