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Model Painting Techniques Advice Needed.?

I've been collecting quite a few Robo models over the years (Armored Core, Gundam etc). I've never really got around to painting them because well, most of the parts come pre coloured. But lately and with the long University summer coming up ahead, i figured i'd want to try and put my own flare on them and paint them up.

My question i guess would be what's the best technique? Should i invest in an airbrush or stick with some model brushes? What kind of paints do i use etc? (keep in mind these robot models have extremely small parts and details)

Links to sites where i can buy some of this stuff would be very helpful.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    If you can afford one an airbrush with a good air-compressor is the way to go; a sable brush big enough for the job will cost almost as an airbrush.

    For small details I would use a brush; a size 1 Winsor & Newton - short round tip - will probably be fine.

    An airbrush requires a different technique to a normal brush but it's amazingly efficient for painting large areas and gives a smooth finish with relatively little effort.

    Personally I prefer acrylic paints - Games Workshop, Vallejo, Coat D'Arms, etc - because they are water based and quick-drying but you might also want to look into enamels and oil paints.

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