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really really nervous?

is there anyway to calm down? fast.

i dont want to break down right on the stage. it's a piano recital, and everyone there are really really good. breathing doesnt exactly help there anything else i could do??

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    I would recommend practicing a lot. The better you know your piece, the less nervous you will be. Don't worry about who is better. Just be concerned with being accurate in your own performance. This will help with your confidence a lot.

    You could also try Rescue Remedy. It's a homeopathic preparation that works great for stage fright.

  • Moth
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    1 decade ago

    For now keep breathing deeply and focus on a calming thought. Accept the jitters has something positive that is going to help you during the time on stage.

    Deep breathing done properly is your best bet. Also meditation, stretching and some form of prayer. It's not going to completely take away the nervousness that comes with the release of adrenyln that will help you perform better.

  • 1 decade ago

    Piano recitals are always hard,, im nervouse cuz i got one April 5

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    I've been told to imagine that the entire audience is in their underwear. No kidding. Many people that are learning to speak in public are told to use this method to calm nerves.

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