Is Taylor Lautner playing Jacob Black in new moon?

I have heard that Steven Strait will be playing Jacob in new moon. I have also heard that Taylor Lautner will be playing him. If anyone knows who is playing him I would dearly love to know.

And if you would like, tell who you would rather play jacob :)


umm...sorry who is he

Update 2:

really, i would prefer steven strait to play him. he is beautiful!!!

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    Taylor Lautner will be playing Jacob. 100% sure. Honestly, i would love Steven to get the role. He is flaming HOT. New Moon is all about Jacob growing and getting bigger. Taylor does get huge, but it doesn't match with Jacob's height. But i appreciate Taylor for working hard to get his six pack though. And as much as i love to brag, Steven won't be playing Jacob anyway. =p

    Here's the new 'buff' Taylor Lautner confirming himself as Jacob in New Moon..

    Youtube thumbnail

    And here's the pictures from the New Moon set..

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    Yes, Taylor Lautner is playing Jacob Black in New Moon, and I hope all the other movies too!! I can't wait I love Taylor Lautner, i dont even know why they would have to think about it he was already in Twilight!

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    Taylor Lautner is gunna be playing Jacob Black In NEW MOON!!

    I am so happy he is the best for it...... they were saying that he couldnt becuz he was too small and then he kept working out and he got the part... go to this website it tells u everything about the New Moon filming and it even has picz of filming and of jacobs huose and the dirt bikez itz awesome and i would prefer taylor as jacob and i hope that i help kk :D

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    Yes Taylor Lautner will play Jacob on the sequal

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    Taylor Lautner is confirmed to play Jacob Black. I think he's going to be great as Jacob. He seems to be really friendly and outgoing like Jacob is. Very warm, in contrast to Edward.

    I wouldn't want another Jacob =]

    Taylor Lautner was in the first Twilight movie. And when he was younger he was in Cheaper By the Dozen 2 and Sharkboy and Lavagirl lol.

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    Taylor Lautner better be playing Jacob Black he is hot

  • 1 decade ago

    yup, he sure is!

    i think he would be the perfect Jacob seeing as he played him for Twilight! And he went to a lot of effort to gain some muscle...

    can't wait for New Moon!

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    Taylor Lautner is paying Jacob.

    I'm glad too, he did a really good job at it!!

  • 1 decade ago

    yes..he is going to be in new moon..

    i'm so excited! i can't wait!

    and..of course, i'd want taylor to play other person could do it better!!



  • 1 decade ago

    Yes he is

    Yay! Im dont think anyone could replace him


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