why did Francisco Franco help the Jewish during WWII?

Why did Francisco Franco allow the Jewish refugees come to Spain and kept them safe from the Nazis?

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    Why did Francisco Franco allow the Jewish refugees come to Spain and kept them safe from the Nazis?Franco was part Jewish ----------------Franco should know about the Jews: since, according to author John Toland in his massive biography of 'Adolf Hitler.' Francisco Franco was part Jewish. (Page 887)http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread.php?t=1...

    During the entire war, especially after 1942, the Spanish borders were more or less kept open for Jewish refugees from Vichy France and Nazi-occupied territories in Europe. Franco's diplomats extended their diplomatic protection over Sephardic Jews in Hungary, Slovakia and the Balkans. Spain was a safe haven for all Jewish refugees and antisemitism was not official policy under the Franco regime.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francisco_Franco ------------------

    Also, according to Toland, Franco's Jewishness kept him from giving Herr Hitler his full support. FRANCISCO FRANCO, BENEFACTOR OF THE JEWS:

    However general history may judge him, in Jewish history, he shall certainly occupy a special place... Jews should honor and bless the memory of this great benefactor of the Jewish people...who neither sought nor reaped any benefit from what he did.

    --From a four page obituary in The American Sephardi Journal of the Sephardic Studies Program of Yeshiva University, volume IX, 1978.

    James Michener in Iberia, 1968, page 547: "...Generalissimo Franco is highly regarded by Jews; during the worst days of World War II, when pressures from Hitler were at their heaviest, Franco refused to issue anti-Jewish edicts and instead provided a sanctuary, never violated, for Jews who managed to make it to Spain. Many thousands of Jews owe their lives to Franco, and this is not forgotten."

    In Resolutions of the War Emergency Conference of the World Jewish Congress, Atlantic City, New Jersey, November 26-30, 1944, page 15: "The War Emergency Conference extends its gratitude to the Holy See and to the Governments of Sweden, Switzerland, and Spain... for the protection they offered under difficult conditions to the persecuted Jews of Hungary..."

    In the Congressional Record of January 24, 1950, Rep. Abraham Multer quotes a spokesman for the Joint Distribution Committee: "During the height of Hitler's blood baths, upwards of 60,000 Jews had been saved by the generosity of Spanish authorities."

    Newsweek, March 2, 1970: "...a respected U.S. rabbi has come forward with surprising evidence that tens of thousands of Jews were saved from Nazi ovens by the personal intervention of an unlikely protector. Spain's Generalissimo Franco, in so many other respects a wartime collaborator of Adolf Hitler. "I have absolute proof that Franco saved more than 60,000 Jews during World War II," says Rabbi Chaim Lipscitz of Brooklyn's Torah Vodaath and Mesitva rabbinical seminary.http://boards.msn.com/MSNBCboards/thread.aspx?thre... This is unsurprising when one looks at how the Jews inside Spain were treated.Jewish children were not allowed to enroll in schools, nor were babies allowed to be registed on the public rolls until they had been baptized and circumcision had been outlawed.There were also tentative plans to exile all Jews who had entered into Spain after 1931, citizens and new refugees alike.


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    He had no reason not to, and it had become clear that European Jews were suffering badly. The extra revenue from outsiders paying their way was also welcome.

    There are claims that Franco had a partly Jewish heritage, or at least that he himself thought so. This would be entirely possible as many Spanish Christians have Jewish descent due to the conversions forced by the Inquisition.

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    He was Spanish Monarchist, a serious Catholic from Galicia who believed in Spanish unity, independence and projection of Spanish culture. He put together a coalition of anti-communists that included pro-Nazi Falange, but they never dominated and Franco saved at least 60,000 Jews. Read Hugh Thomas book, THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR.

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    I gave you words now you need to do some research on your own.

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