Does anybody know any names that start with a U,V,X,, or Z in the 1950's and 1960's period?

please help me this is a project and i cant find names that start with that and they have to be Americans that were famous from that time.

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    V is not that hard, X on the other hand I could not really find, the only solution I see is to use Malcolm X for that one. I would propose Cyrus Vance (Secretary of State under Jimmy Carter) for V, and Frank Zappa for Z. I have no clear candidate for U, but some names can be found below, together with some more V's and Z's.


    David A. Uber, composer and trombone player

    Cecil H. Underwood, governor of West Virginia (1957-1961, 1997-2001)

    IJesse M. Unruh, politician

    Bobby Unser, automobile racer

    Willi Unsoeld, Mount Everest climber

    Louis Untermeyer, poet


    Joe Valachi, first mafia member to testify against the organization

    Sarah Vaughan, jazz singer

    Gore Vidal, writer

    Gene Vincent, rock 'n roll singer

    KIurt Vonnegut, writer


    Malcolm X


    Lotfi Zadeh, mathematician (fuzzy logic)

    Darryll F. Zanuck, movie director, head of 20th Century Fox

    Robert Allen Zimmerman, real name of Bob Dylan

    Howard Zinn, historian ("A People's History of the United States")

    Lionel Ziprin, poet

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  • 3 years ago

    My wide-unfold boy call beginning with R is Ryan and my wide-unfold female call beginning with R is Rose. BQ i like the call Ryan for a boy. i do no longer probable like Rylin for a girl.

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