What college should I go to?

I'm a 17 year old junior in high school. I live in Mississippi and would prefer something that isn't across the country so I can still see my boyfriend.

I currently have a 3.95 GPA, a 31 on the ACT (as of last year), and a 222 on the PSAT. I'm going to take the ACT probably 2 more times and also take the SAT.

I want to study pre-med. I think I want to be either a mental health nurse practitioner or an orthopedic surgeon.

I'd prefer that it isn't a women's college or affiliated with a religion. I want to meet all types of people.

So do you know of any colleges that have a great medical program and are a good fit for me?

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    This was on College Confidential for the topped ranked Med schools in the country (you'll have to look into the ones on your side of the US)

    Oh and ya I wouldn't let your b/f be the determining factor in where you go to school at. You should go to whatever school is best for you. Don't settle for less when you could have had more. :)

    Top Ten Pre-Med Colleges By Number of Med School Applications

    UCLA - 611

    UC Berkeley - 536

    U Michigan – 522

    UT Austin - 391

    UF Gainesville - 385

    UCSD – 345

    Harvard – 307

    UW Madison – 305

    UVA – 303

    UIUC – 300

    Stanford - 300


    Competitive Med Schools

    MCAT >31.5 + GPA >3.5

    Washington Univ., St. Louis, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Yale, Duke, Stanford, Mayo, NYU, U Penn, Michigan, UCSF, UCSD, UC Davis, UCLA

    Second Tier

    MCAT >30 + GPA >3.5

    Cornell, U of Chicago, Pittsburgh, Utah, Baylor, UT Southwestern, Ohio State, Virginia, UC Irvine, Washington (Seattle)

    Third Tier (Top 46/126)

    MCAT 29-30 + GPA 3.4-3.6

    USUHS (#40), Einstein (Yeshiva), SUNY Stony Brook, NY Medical College, Albany, SUNY Buffalo, Georgetown, Drexel, USC, St. Louis U, Emory, South Florida, Northwestern, Wake Forest, Dartmouth, U Mass Worcester, Colorado, Oregon, Maryland, Alabama, New Jersey

    Middle Third Med Schools (43)

    MCAT 27-29 + GPA >3.4

    Wisconsin, Hawaii, Indiana, Iowa, New Jersey (RWJ), Arizona, Florida, Missouri (Columbia), UT San Antonio, UT Galveston, SUNY Brooklyn, SUNY Syracuse, Michigan State, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Nevada, Penn State, Kansas, Texas Tech, TX A&M, Illinois, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, S. Carolina, N. Carolina, Case Western, Loyola, Jefferson, Tulane, Cincinnati, Med Coll Virginia, Miami, Temple, George Washington, Med Coll Georgia, South Alabama, Tufts, Mt. Sinai, Rush, Boston U, Med Coll Wisconsin, Med U S. Carolina

    MCAT <27 + GPA <3.5

    Eastern Virginia, Finch, Loma Linda, Louisville, Wayne State, Creighton, SIU (Springfield), Rochester, Med Coll Ohio, East Tennessee, Mercer, Marshall

    Minnesota (Duluth), New Mexico, Vermont, LSU (Shreveport), North Dakota, West Virginia, LSU (New Orleans), South Dakota, UT Houston, Missouri (Kansas City)

    Bottom 10 Med Schools

    MCAT <24

    MCAT 24: Missouri (Kansas City), Wright State, East Carolina

    MCAT 21-24: Arkansas, UPR, Meharry, Howard, Morehouse

    MCAT <21:Ponce, Caribe

    Osteopathic Schools

    MCAT 24-26 (Note none > 26)

    Kirksville, Chicago COM, North Texas, Ohio, Oklahoma State, Western, Des Moines, NJ, Nova, Michigan State, PCOM

    MCAT <24

    Kansas City, New England, NYCOM, Lake Erie, West Virginia

    N/A: Touro, V Tech, Pikesville, Arizona

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    Emory College Confidential

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    Tulane College Confidential

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    Source(s): Work From Home Writing http://givitry.info/WritingJobsOnline/?7Qv5
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    Don't let your relationship with your boyfriend constrain your search

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