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I received a check from Energizer at 533 maryville University Drive St.Louis,MO 63141 for 4975.00 is it fraud?

I also received a letter from Universal finance Corp.saying that I am one of the winners held on Feb.11TH,2008 my name matched the winning numbers and I had won 450,000.00 and that I should contact my claim agent Jude Perez@ 1-778-889-3210 and the check was to pay the agent:Michael Taylor,445 University Ave.Halifax,Nova Scotch,Canada,A5C 4K6 It says the taxes would be 3,946.00,CK.was 4975.00 and my check in the amount of 450,000.00 would be delivered by a courier company.I have to contact the claim agent to activate the check.The check is from Northern Trust 50 S.LaSalle St.Chicago,IL 60675 I think it is some kind of fraud,What does anyone out there think.Please get back to me.I can't call the # I don't have long distance on my phone.Talk to someone soon.............

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    You have the correct address for the Energizer holdings company. You can call them at 800-383-7323 to inquire about the check. I'd be hesitant to cash it unless you know what it is for. Was it a settlement for some type of law suit?

    As to the winner notification, shred it up. Its a well known scam.

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    Do not reply to such mails!! Lotteries / drawings cannot be won without putting in bet amount, etc. This is a fraud that goes on around the world and hundreds of people have lost money to it. They'll ask you to pay the processing fee so that they can send but never do. The fee that they collect amounts to millions of $ due to the number of people they cheat and get away. I have received so many mails like that and now I have started making a joke of it - I reply to them saying I am happy with what I have and to donate the money in my name to their chosen NGO to fight poverty (they can cut the tax money from it, it's anyway mine)!


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    did you know you were in a drawing? that drawing date is over a year ago too, that sounds suspicious. usually if it sounds too good to be true, it is. I guess go to your local bank and tell them the story and have them contact the bank the check is from to verify the check.

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    You should call Energizer thats the only way to know for sure.

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