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Is it a law? You have to drive threw New Mexico with your head lights on during the day?

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  • Desi
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    Though it is not a law, it is, "suggested," in the state of New Mexico to use your head lights when driving during certain hours of the day. This is especially advised on the highways when driving away from a rising or setting sun as to help oncoming vehicles better see you.

    (Governors Highway Safety Association-state laws)

    (New Mexico drivers license manual-safe driving tips.)

  • sean C
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    Actually, on my last trip I heard something similar. I was told that you must at least have you parking lights or driving/fog lamps on. But nearly every car I saw had the headlights on, so I'd say that may have some truth to it. I haven't actually studied their laws though, but it's probably best to do as the locals do, just in case. It's possible the locals were just having some fun (I was at Cline's corner restaurant).

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    Well I've lived in new mexico my entire life and I've never heard of something like that...but about an hour before dark lights do seem to go on...i thought that happened everywhere though...i dunno. lol!

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    Here is the section from the driver's manual. You may just be seeing daytime running lights.

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