citizenship HK+Aust+Canada+US

dual passport 係咪mean 只可以得兩個國家citizen, 可唔可以多過兩個? HK citizen , Australian, Canadan and Amercian


i understand what you said, how about i birth in HK, i studied in Australia, i married with a canadan , and i am working in US ?

Update 2:

sorry of rmy typing...... i born in HK, i got my degree in Australia, i married with a Canadian, then we working in US holding Green Card.

so i need to give up my Australian passport and HK passport?

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  • Gary
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    1 decade ago
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    In this case, the validity of your citizenship depends on how you get it.

    Usually, all countries will allow to keep any citizenship that you get them involuntary (by parents or by birth).

    After you exclude those citizenship, you can remain the last one you acquire. The rest will be invalid because you voluntary naturalize with that country.

  • ?
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    1 decade ago

    HK, Aus, Canada, USA all allow you to keep more than 1 passport or more that 1 citizenship. so, you are the lucky guy.

    PS. you studied in Australia = you are Australia citizen?

    you married a Canadian wife = you are Canada citizen?

    i don't think so at least you had applied it.

    ** working in USA with green card =/= US citizen.

    so, right now you are USA/ HK resident with HK passport.

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