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Jeanie asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

Cinderella's Story 英文的 (2~5分)

請幫幫我!! 緊急 緊急!! 我們要演戲英文版的

故事內容不必太長 大概就好!!


Thanks you so much!!

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    There was a girl named Cinderella who lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. She was treated like a servant in the family, forced to do housework and nothing else. One day, the palace was holding a party, inviting every single woman attending in order to find a queen for the prince. However, Cinderella’s stepmother, would wanted her daughters have better chance to become the Queen, made Cinderella have plenty chores to do so that she would not have time to attend the ball. Cinderella's stepsisters destroyed her dress when they prepared to go to the palace. In a moment of Cinderella's desperation, as she cried in the garden, a miracle happened. Her fairy godmother appeared and helped Cinderella ready herself for the palace ball. However, the fairy godmother warned that Cinderella had to come return home before midnight. After Cinderella arrived to the palace, everyone, including the prince, was surprised to Cinderella's beauty, but did not know from where she came. While she danced with the prince, however, the midnight bell rang. She fled the palace hastily, leaving one of her glass slippers on the stairs and disappearing. The prince sought the owner of the glass slipper all over the country in vain. One day, when the prince stopped at Cinderella’s home, Cinderella was the only person who could fit in the slipper that the prince found at the palace. Finally, Cinderella found her happiness with prince and lived happily ever after.

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