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請問cum fee的意思是?

Is there anyone knows "cum fee" mean?

English or Chinese meanings are available.

Thank you!


How come?? I saw this in a poem. The poem says:

A cat came fiddling out of a barn,

With a pair of bagpipes under her arm;

She could sing nothing but fiddle cum fee

The mouse has married the bumblebee.

Update 2:

I'm so sorry. I don't think I know what's "summa cum laude" mean. Does anyone know?

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    hey there,

    first,to all of u guys answering out there,

    cum 在現在英文語言是粗俗的話, "射精"的意思沒錯.

    但因為它的出處是這首英國的傳統兒歌,a.k.a nursery rhyme,




    所以目前網路上有對這首很長的兒歌"Hey diddle diddle",

    很多個人解釋的文章. 但是沒有統一正式的解釋.

    目前為止我查過的網址,對 cum fee 解釋是只是爲了押韻而已

    其中我有找到一篇對 "fiddle" 的個人解釋, 只是其中一個例子而已(and i am assuming its ok for me to type in english, cuz i type faster in it) it says that fiddle is not actually "a violin" as most ppl have commonly thought , the writer reckons this nursery rhyme was

    actually originally from Egyptian mythology,so the fiddle here actually refers to an Egyptian instrument .However the writer later on also adds the explanation to why "fiddle" is accepted as violin.

    Here is the link(including the whole rhyme):

    So what I am saying is, sometimes the words in this poem dont make sense at all, cuz they are for rhyming purpose only.

    Here is another quote proof from wiki:


    Theories on the origin of "Hey Diddle Diddle" claim that this nursery rhyme is more than just a sequence of rhyming, not particularly meaningful, words"

    But, after reading that poem and some skim reading of its related articles, i have my own opinion about the possible meaning of

    "cum fee". If fiddle is the any type of the musical instrument mentioned above, i would say "cum fee" is just an indication of

    the instrument song. Thats how i read it, but again its jus my own idea, so yeah =]

    btw, i would be interested to know if this happens to be ur homework

    or anything, cuz then u might be able to find out some possible truth

    about "cum fee" meaning maybe from ur English teacher or something =D

    2009-03-28 12:03:08 補充:

    Need to make one correction here, when i said "the instrument song",

    I meant to say the noise which sounds like that being played by the particular instrument =P It's quite interesting afterall to find out all the different interpretations of this poem.

    2009-03-31 23:59:31 補充:

    ''summa cum laude'' from which context u talking about?

    If its not about the nursery rhyme again, then it means in "latin":

    "its an honor for the highest rank for a degree or diploma"

    2009-04-01 20:10:28 補充:

    To Lily:

    np at all, anytime =]

    Source(s): living in an eng environment+ trivial searching interest, ahhhh....the mouse has married the bumblebee xD, =]
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    A cat came fiddling out of a barn, (fiddling: messing around)

    With a pair of bagpipes under her arm;

    She could sing nothing but fiddle-cum-fee (cum: with)

    The mouse has married the bumblebee.

    形容人拉奏樂器不成調, “sounds like someone’s strangling a cat”, 貓玩樂器如同其叫聲, 趣味自在其中,

    2009-03-29 05:36:39 補充:

    也只有老鼠和大黃蜂成親之日, 才會僱請貓來演出,

    (個人的想法, 我喜歡幽默的解讀)


    2009-03-31 08:30:06 補充:

    What do you think the phrase "summa cum laude" means?

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    I assume the words "cum fee" refers to comfortable as many people would say "comfy" in everyday life. Therefore, "cum fee" would be the pronunciation of "comfy".

    Source(s): I'm Aussie!
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    cum fee 本身不是個正式的英文, 它是非正經的英文,

    cum是指射精, 精液的意思, 所謂的cum fee 是只射精費, 也就是所謂的援交費用!

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    2009-03-28 09:39:19 補充:

    cum is a filthy nickname for sperm

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