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What are your favorite examples of "tomato cans" pulling off upsets against a top contender?

My favorite examples are Mike Dixon knocking out Alex Garcia in two rounds after he went on a losing streak losing to Ray Mercer, Bruce Seldon, Lennox Lewis. Or when Jesse Ferguson upset Ray Mercer in a ten round decision. What are your favorite examples of a "tomato can" fighter scoring the unthinkable win against a top contender or even against a champion?

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    Spinks over Ali jumps out at you.

    Kirkland Lang over Roberto Duran

    Uriah Grant over Thomas Hearns

    Dave Tiberi over James Toney (even though Toney got the nod, it was all Tiberi)

    Larry Donald beating Evander Holyfield

    Ross Purity over Wladimir Klitschko

    Chris John over Juan Manuel Marquez

    And my two favorites Danny Williams and Kevin McBride beating Mike Tyson.

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    1 decade ago

    Shannon Briggs vs Sergei Liakovich with 1 or 2 seconds left in the fight lmao.

    Lamon Brewster and Chris Byrd both beating Klitschko

    Sam Soliman (possibly should have beaten) Winky Wright

    Donaire who was pretty useless in his last fight beat Darchinyan

    Vince Phillips beating Kostya Tszyu

    Buster Douglas on Mike Tyson

    The all time funniest ive seen was in Australia between Willie Kickett - Chris Johns sparring partner earmarked as a future champ, against Ahmed Elomar, nothing more than a strong local fighter. Kickett looked to be outboxing Elomar for about two minutes before a huge right hand left Kickett outcold. The riot that ensued which led to Elomar being suspended for 6 months is on youtube

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    Danny Williams and Kevin McBride beating Mike Tyson comes to mind first. Also Kirland Lang who wasn't a bad fighter beating Roberto Duran in a great upset. The very inexperienced Leon Spinks (no tomato can beating Ali after only 7 fights for the title was totally unexpected.

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    1 decade ago

    Coming into the fight Gerry Penasola was supposed to be just a name for Jhonny Gonzalez and he knocked him out with that bodyshot. Alex Bunema getting a little recognition late in his career against Roman Karmizan was nice as well as Raul Marquez upsetting Giovanni Lorenzo. Nobou Nashiro's win over Alexander Munoz qualifies I guess.

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  • Woody
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    1 decade ago

    Michael Bentt beating Tommy Morrision in the first round.

  • Sean G
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    1 decade ago

    Other than Tyson losing to Douglas and Lewis to Rahman...the one people always forget that I loved was Zahir Raheem beating Erik Morales...he was schooled.

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    Rahman and McCall upsetting the overrated, arrogant, glass-chinned Lennox Lewis are my personal favourites.

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