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Chicken mince.... need recipe advice?

Okay i bought some chicken mince thats going to go into some lettuce wraps. Im not much of a cook, but i know i should probably add something like stock to the mince to add flavour?? im not sure what to do, coz i obviously cant have it plain, i was thinking bout chopping up some shallots to mix through it.

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The question is asking what do you think i should do with the mince? Coz im not sure, coz i dont cook.


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    I cook with chicken mince a lot add egg and breadcrumbs to it and make rissoles (patties). I then fry them in olive oil in the frypan.We love them and have them all the time. I have heard of San Chow Bow, which I have eaten at a chinese restuarant. It can be tasty and good to eat.It is made with pork mince normally, but it wouldnt matter. You could add onions, carrot , ginger and garlic and fry it up with sauces.Think they have added bean shoots as well. My son cooked with chicken mince, he made them into wontons, the wrappers he bought from the supermarket.He added them to chicken stock with ginger, garlic, spring onions and soy sauce and we had them as wonton soup. Just a few ideas.

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    Chicken Mince Wraps

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    Heat some canola or olive oil is a sauce pan, add chopped shallots and heat till almost transparent. Add chopped tomatos and cook for five minutes. Add mince and cook for about 20 minutes. Add salt to taste. A dash of soy sacue may give it an extra flavour.

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    For lettuce wraps, I usually saute the chicken with chopped green onions (shallots would be OK), canned water chestnuts chopped small, soy sauce, a little mirin, and salt and pepper. Another good thing to add would be dried shiitake mushrooms that have been soaked, drained, and chopped.

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  • Chop up some onion and shallots to sauté with the mince.

    And you could add some sort of sauce for flavour; like teriyaki, honey soy etc.

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    Go to

    put chicken mince into the search bar and it will give you recipes for chicken mince, there is one "san choy bau" which is nice served in lettuce wraps or cups.

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    hen stir fry chop a million onion and a green and purple pepper and get a pan upload a splash oil and upload the onion and peppers stir until comfortable and decrease the chickens in to strips and upload to the pan until cooked then upload a jar of candy and bitter sauce to pan and sir and simmer for 30 minutes

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