Puerto Rican Family Tree help?

I've been researching my family in Puerto Rico using ancestry.com. I've gotten pretty far back, using the 1910 Census records. Is there anyway to go farther? What is there that's out there to go further back to find names, dates, etc. of relatives born in the mid-1800s in Puerto Rico? Being that Puerto Rico wasn't part of the U.S. until the early 20th century, there aren't census records to use. Anybody have any luck?

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    Looking up the name Gonzales in Puerto Rico, as an example, http://www.familysearch.org had this very early listing:

    Francisco Velez Gonzalez De La Renta - Gender: Male Birth: About 1568 Villa De San German, , Puerto Rico, Caribbean

    His mother was born About 1545 Villa De San German, , Puerto Rico, Caribbean , and HER mother, Ana Gonzalez De La Renta (going by 20 years per generation), I would guess, would have been born in 1525.

    I THINK this man's brother (?), Andres Gonzalez Ortiz de La Renta--

    also from Villa de San German, Isla de San Juan de Puerto Rico--was born there about 1560

    This really is about the only site I've used that even lists Puerto Rico in its list of countries.

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    Yes, there is an alternative, and that's contacting the "Archivo General de Puerto Rico" which is under the jurisdiction of the INSTITUTO DE CULTURA DE PUERTO RICO. http://www.icp.gobierno.pr/agp/

    By the way, Puerto Rico became part of the US on July 25, 1898. Most birth records from the colonial era are held at the Archivo General.

    However, remember that from 1498 to 1908 birth and marriage records were held by the Catholic Church, not by the Spanish Crown. Maybe you should expand your research by including the Catholic Church records in San Juan, Ponce and San German Parishes.

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