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Which team wins this game?

Team 1

G Devin Harris

G Dwayne Wade

F Lebron James

F Chris Bosh

C Dwight Howard

Team 2

G Chris Paul

G Kobe Bryant

F Carmelo Anthony

F Tim Duncan

C Shaquille O'Neal

Who wins this game and whats the score?

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    Let's do it the casual way...

    Devin Harris vs. Chris Paul - Harris has the advantage in speed, but Paul is a better shooter and passer.

    OVERALL:Paul is better.

    Dwayne Wade vs. Kobe Bryant - Tough one. Kobe is a better shooter, Dwayne is a better passer, they're pretty much equal at defense, but at this point in their careers I give the edge to Dwayne because he's had a career year and Kobe's had an average year.

    OVERALL:Dwayne Wade is better (right now).

    LeBron James vs. Carmelo Anthony - This is a no-brainer. LeBron is a better passer, defender, is faster, and is better at taking it to the rim. Melo is only better at shooting than LeBron.

    OVERALL:LeBron is better.

    Chris Bosh vs. Tim Duncan - Chris Bosh is entering his prime while TD is leaving it. Still, TD is the best PF ever to play the game, so I give it to him.

    OVERALL:Tim Duncan is better.


    Dwight Howard vs. Shaq - This is very close. Dwight is a better rebounder but Shaq is a notch better at dominating the paint. Neither are great passers, but I'll give the edge to Shaq.

    OVERALL:Dwight Howard is better because they're about equal on offense but Dwight dominates Shaq on defense.

    WINNER: Team 1 wins.

    Of course you don't have to use my logic, I was just comparing the players one-on-one because they would be defending each other.

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    I say team 1 will win because I think Dwight Howard is better the O'Neal and Chris Bosh is no worse then Tim Duncan. Lebron is better then Carmelo but Kobe is better then Wade by a little. Chris Paul is better then Devin Harris.

    The West won the all-star game so team 2 might be able to win but i'm supporting team 1

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    Team 2

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    1 decade ago

    Team 1


    Devin <CP3

    D-Wade <Kobe

    L23 >Melo

    Bosh >Duncan

    Superman >The Diesel


    Source(s): team 1 has edge on big men cause their combo of superman and Bosh and King James is too fast DUNCAN AND SHAQ R 2 SLOW AND MELO COULDNT DEFEND FOR HIS LIFE NEVERTHELESS LEBRON dwade and kobe r awesome against each but d wade doesnt have an edge because he actually has a team and doesnt have 2 score 40 or 50 like usual(that's what makes him so good)CP3 can handle Harris EASILY and help kobe with d-wade or melo with LeBron Unless team 2s guards have a great game, its over
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    team one wtf? **** kobe and shaq that was years ago. wade and lebron are easily the most explosive in the game devin harris is beastin it in new jersey bosh is a high rebounding threat as well as good blocker. and howard...he's the real superman.

    the only thing super bout shaq is he's super old haha

    kobe is still good but not nearly as good as he used to be

    carmelo? if it wasnt for billups and smith they wouldnt even be mediocre.

    duncan can beast it but not against howard or bosh sorry

    and shaq...cant hit a free throw

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    People on here are crazy. Team one would DESTROY team two. Wade and Lebron? And Dwight? Come on.

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    I am going to have to go with Team 2.

    Score: I dont know...I think they would get tired with only 5 players!

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    1 decade ago

    Team one.

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    Well, you have the two runners for MVP in the first bracket along with the best center in the NBA. Does that answer your question?

    Source(s): Also, can Kobe and Shaq get along? exactly! and chris paul is a little short, don't you think?
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