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The perfect foundation after 5 years?

Hello, ive been using covergirl foundation creamy naturel for almost 5 years now. When i started to use make-up i dint notice if it was cheep or would streek or anything. But now ive started to notice for a long time now and i want to make a change because the foundation i bought will look awesome when i put it on and by the end of school when i come home it looks faded and in spots and just horrible.

I want to buy a foundation that is good for acne type skin, not too heavy or anything that will last all day long.

thanks for your help

and my range for prices is

covergirl 5$ a bottle so i will go around 20$ price range now.

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    I've recently discovered this thing called Organic Wear, by Physicians Formula. I bought some today, and it works amazing.

    I got the normal PF Mineral wear (Link included at bottom) in natural beige. Its works VERY good so far. Its very cool because its sort of foundationey and mineraly at once, and does not cause breakouts (or so the label says....)

    A trick I found out today was to put a REALLY small amount of moisturizer and rub it in after you powder and then take some more powder and rub it in with your finger. Then the minerals will not be all flaky and make your face look fake.

    Then I topped it off with this bronzer/highligher trio compressed powder. At first i didnt beleive it could be possible, but it did give my skin a wonderful glow! But only on the cheeks and nose. maybe forehead. (Link to the one i used also includd)

    and I got mine from CVS pharmacy. If you hurry, you might be able to catch on the sale// buy one get on 50% off, and the bronzer trio supposedly has a $3 of coupon attatched to it... , depending on where you live :)

    Hope i helped. whew, that was long!

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    There is now this mineral powder which is make up, but is lighter for your skin and gives you a flawless look.

    Ita also includes vitamins for your skin and a bunch of other funky stuff

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