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Are there any reputable prescription eyeglasses online?

Looking to buy glasses online, how do I know which make a good and legal pair

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    Glad you are looking into ordering online! Not too many people try this but you are a wise one. I've been ordering online for a long time and I've been trying to convince and help people to order online. The prices are cheap and the quality is as good as any other store, maybe even better!

    The store I order from is Highly reputable, I've been ordering from them for a long while and I've been highly satisfied each time. Their prices are low and they have good styles. Yes their prices are dirt cheap but they are legal. I suggest you buy from them and see how it goes. Good luck!

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    I have never heard of an online website to purchase RX glasses. If you do find one, you will need to know your PD (pupil distance). If you need a bifocal (line or no line) you will need someone to measure the height. These are things that an optician does and has to be done in person. Bifocal heights change depending on the frame and how deep it is. Not all frames can accommodate a bifocal; especially a no line.

    Your best bet is to go to an optometrist to get a prescription and have an optician measure you. LensCrafters is a good option. Most RXs in an hour. They are a little pricey, so you can also try Pearl Vision, which is actually owned by Luxottica (LensCrafters' parent company). I don't recommend Walmart. You get what you pay for. Penneys and Sears are okay.

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