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What is your daily hair routine?

How do you style is daily, what do you put in it, how damaged does it get, etc?

Also, what time of hair do you have to start with?

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    i dont do much with my head hair

    but in the afternoon after school i pull out my pubic hair

    sometimes if they are really long and curly i save them in a ziplock bag

    but the last time my mom packed my lunch my PB and J was hairy

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    I have two options: straight or naturally wavy. If I'm going for the wavy look, after I shampoo and condition, I towel dry, use a root lifter spray, get out the dryer and put the diffuser on it. Then I scrunge some gel or mousse all over and dry small sections with the diffuser. I also be sure to dry under neath with my head hanging down.

    If i'm going straight, my hair is dry and I simply take small sections of hair and straighten with a good iron I use Instacure from great clips to combat dryness. My hair is terribly thin, so the wavy look helps give it body

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    I have three main hairstyles: ponytail, wavy, straight. (I have naturally wavy hair)

    Ponytail: I have really short layer so I straighten the top part of my hair and bangs and put it up. Then the short layers don't go in the ponytail and fall through but I pin the long layers of my hair that just don't want to go in my ponytail. Then I put hairspray all over

    Wavy: I don't brush my hair because then the waves go down and it looks ugly, but I strighten the bangs and I go over my hair with my hair straightener really fast and just once so my hair won't look like I just got up in the morning. Finally I tease the really flat parts of my hair and put hairspray.

    Striaght: I straighten ALL of my hair but it leaves it somewhat flat. So I tease all parts of my hair that are too flat (which is usually just the top part) and then I put hairspray all over.

    I have nice hair color and nice hair but it's really dry because I straighten a lot of parts of my hair a lot and it doesn't look completely dead, but you can tell that its not so healthy. Also my hair is starting to fall out, not a lot but it looks much thinner.

    *Answer mine:


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    Brush it, then style it however I want to wear it. (ponytail, down, etc) I don't use flat irons or blow dryers.

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    wash, and condition

    but it in a half pony tail

    straighten my bangs,

    hairspray all over, and make my bangs go to the side

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    Nice and simple, brush and ponytail.

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    here is me

    Styling me hair everymorening ... Feel free to use


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    i brush it and put it in a pony. <------- (tomboy)

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