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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 1 decade ago

I need names for a female dog ASAP!?

Long story short a friend of my who was gone for 3 months came back today with a very cute black female pup which he decided to name Orgy. Now we finally got him to consider giving her a new name but that is ONLY IF HE LIKES IT and we only have today to give him a list of names before orgy becomes Orgy's real name.


We have a couple of names written down but we need more.

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    Abbey --- Starts our female dog names.

    Abilene --- Strictly for a cow girl.

    Acapulco --- For the puppy that likes to go loco!

    Accra --- The capital of Ghana.

    Adelaide --- .Australian city. Call her Adel.

    Alibi --- A lawyer's dog. Or for the "it wasn't me" dog.

    Alloy --- For the dog that's a mixture.

    Almond --- For a sandy brown dog. Call her Alma.

    Amanda --- Shorten to Mandy--means lovable.

    Amazon --- Top female dog name for the muscular pup.

    Amber --- A jewel. For a yellow or golden girl.

    Amigo --- Aaah--My friend. Top dog name.

    Amy --- Short & sweet.

    Anarchy --- She rejects all rules.

    Andromeda --- A constellation. The Greek means: Ruler over men!

    Angela --- Or Angie--An Angel!

    Ann --- From the Hebrew Hannah--A friend or mate.

    Anna --- From Russia with Love. And a copper coin.

    Annie --- Get your gun.

    Anise --- A herb. The seeds are used to make licorice.

    Apples --- A real cute puppy name.

    Aquarius --- Eccentric? Likes to swim?

    Arcadia --- Name your puppy after this fabled land.

    Aruba --- Idylic Caribbean island. And a unique dog name.

    Assam --- Indian province. Famed for its black tea.

    Asta --- Or Augusta.

    Ashes --- The colour of soot.

    Astro --- Orbitting your world.

    Astral --- Is she your star?

    Atom --- A tiny dog that you don't want to split from.

    Augustine --- Ginny for short, tops our female dog names.

    Babe --- What a stunner, begins the Bs of female dog names.

    Bambi --- Bambino, small, like a deer.

    Bacardi --- White and spirited.

    Badger --- A puppy that loves to dig?

    Baffle --- Are you puzzled by her?

    Ballad --- Does she have a story to tell?

    Ballistic --- Not the name for a quiet, shy dog.

    Bali --- Name your dog after this romantic island.

    Bamboo --- She'll grow tall and strong.

    Barbados --- Call her Barbie for short. Maybe not.

    Beauty --- A classic female puppy name.

    Bear --- A large, lovable, sometimes clumsy dog.

    Beatrice --- Cut to Beatty or the popular Trixie.

    Beaujolais --- Young, french, red and fruity. Watch out boys!

    Becky --- Short for Rebecca--classical dog name..

    Bee --- For the buzzy, busy girl.

    Belle --- French and beautiful.

    Bella --- Italian and lovely.

    Bess --- Classical--suggests loyalty.

    Bertha --- For the larger German lady.

    Beth --- Elizabeth shortened. Easily learnt.

    Betsy --- Top name for a Labrador or Retriever.

    Betsibelle --- A southern belle perhaps?

    Bib --- For the girl with a white front.

    Binkie --- Lively and friendly.

    Biscuit --- An English cookie. Often brown.

    Bisto --- Dark, delicious and a cute female dog name.

    Bliss --- Supreme delight.

    Blizzard --- She's white, and stormy.

    Blossom --- For a spring puppy.

    Bluff --- Name your dog this if she's always outsmarting you

    Boogaloo --- A fun puppy name--for a fun puppy.

    Boogie --- For the girl that likes to dance.

    Boots --- Marked as if she's wearing boots?

    Bollinger --- For the Lady that loves Champagne.

    Bolshoi --- Russian ballet company. Has she got dainty paws?

    Boomerang --- Top dog name for the puppy that always comes back.

    Bonny --- Another classic--popular with my cocker friends.

    Bounty --- For the pup that loves to hunt .

    Bourbon --- European royal dynasty. A dark biscuit and a smoky drink.

    Bracken --- Loves to charge through the undergrowth?

    Bramble --- Even more undergrowth.

    Brandy --- Spirited. Dark and fiery.

    Brittany --- Coastal area of France. Origin of the water spaniel

    Brook --- A cool dog name.

    Brownie --- A real sweetie.

    Bubbles --- Yes--this is definetly for the bouncy dog.

    Bunty --- For the thoughtful and reserved puppy..

    Burma --- A nice name and an alluring country. Try it.

    Buttercup --- Golden and bright completes our female puppy names.

    Names Starting With "C"

    Names Starting With "D"

    Candy --- The sweetest of all female puppy names.

    Calamity --- Is she a disaster area. Call her Callie

    Cairo --- A top puppy name.

    Calypso --- An orchid, as well as a W. Indian song.

    Camelot --- Name your dog after a fabled land.

    Caper --- Loves to run, jump and play?

    Caprice --- French. Is she impulsive?

    Caramel --- For the girl who has a soft centre.

    Cara --- An unusual puppy name.

    Carmen --- For a drama queen.

    Casey --- Celtic. Brave and vigilant.

    Cassandra --- Call her Cassy.

    Celeste --- Abandoned? Past unknown?

    Chaka --- Lion hunter.

    Chantilly --- French village renowned for its lace.

    Chanyaka --- Blackberry in russian.

    Cherry --- Suit a Setter.

    Checkers --- Black and white markings?

    Chica --- Likes to Flamenco!

    Chloe --- Young maiden.

    Cho-Cho --- Japanese for butterfly.

    Chum --- For your best friend.. Aaah

    Chutney --- Indian. A spicy, fruity mix.

    Cinders --- From Cinderella.

    Cinnamon --- Warm and spicy

    Cleopatra --- Cleo for short. Dangerously beautiful.

    Clover --- Lucky for you.

    Coco --- The sweet smell of Chanel.

    Coffee --- Dar

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Roni (Pronounced RON - E)

    It's a name that is a little boyish, but really cute for a girl dog. It seems like a name that a guy could handle calling a girl dog.

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  • 4 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Check out to know some information about female dog names.

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  • Sora, Kaya, Kita... anything but Orgy lol.

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  • 1 decade ago

    okay, here goes all of the most RANDOMNESS of names:


    Blackberry - I had a black teddy called that

    Sophie - we had a puppy called Sophie





    Dubh - Irish for black

    Madra - irish for dog




    Milly - My horse's name


    ahem "Fluffy".......

    Yup that's 'bout all I could come up with.

    Unlikely, but I hope they help!!!

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    hailey's comet


    rock names they are sturdy especially for something that isn't really sturdy like a poddle






    and something cute for a sturdy looking dog that would be unexpected

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