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Long serving Jehovah Witnesses - pre 1975?

Were you serving Jehovah during the 1975 "scandal"?

If you were you will def know what I mean.

When the watchtower falsely prophesied the end of the world (again)

Did it have any effect on your devotion?

Did you leave the JW's then or perhaps that's when you joined?

Lots of people did leave your organisation then.

How do you feel about them today?


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Update 2:

Etherglide: there are currently about 7 million JWs, which as a percentage of our world population of 7 billion aint too bad...And its 144,000...another story!

Update 3:

Pink Spinel..I have a friend who left shortly after, some of his friends remained and he says the same...ever since they have been doubtful... but hopeful that the WT is still their "channel of communication"...bizarre!

Update 4:

Partymar: What do you mean come to my senses? I wasnt lied to and led to believe I was going to die.

Update 5:

Can you guys that the JWs always thumb down star this question pls.......there seems to be a distinct lack of JWs answering and I would like their view

Update 6:

JW's that have answered..thanks. Would you kindly star so other JWs can answer

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    Yes, I was, but J.Ws have never given a date for the end of the world. However, they have given dates for the end of 6,000 years of human existence which is hugely significant to them because they expect that the millennial reign of Christ Jesus will start then. Armageddon must happen before the millennial reign - but that is not the same thing as saying the end of the world. I mention this in response to Ron Rhodes quotation from 15 October 1974 Watchtower article.

    The 'purpose' statement on the front page of the 22 October 1995 Awake! magazine said: Most important this magazine builds confidence in the Creator's promise of a peaceful and secure new world before the generation that saw the events of 1914 passes away. The 8 November 1995 Awake! magazine was changed to read... new world that is about to replace the present wicked, lawless system of things.

    What W.T.S. literature actually said about 1975. When the book 'Life Everlasting - In Freedom of the Sons of God' was released, the 15 October 1966 Watchtower said, on pages 628-629: It did not take the brothers very long to find the chart beginning on page 31, showing that 6,000 years of man's existence ends in 1975. Discussion of 1975 overshadowed about everything else. 'The new book compels us to realise that Armageddon is, in fact, very close indeed,' said a conventioneer. Surely it was one of the outstanding blessings to be carried home.

    15 October 1996 Watchtower, page 631 said: 'What about the year 1975? What is it going to mean, dear friends?' asked Brother Franz. 'Does it mean that Armageddon is going to be finished, with Satan bound, by 1975? It could! It could! All things are possible with God. Does it mean that Babylon the Great is going to go down by 1975? It could!"

    1 January 1967 Watchtower, page 29 said: Without a doubt, nothing has created more interest in this text book than the first chapter with its chart and fine information regarding the 7,000 years of God's rest day. The observation that 1975 may well mark the beginning of mankind's great Jubilee has intrigued many.

    15 July 1967 Watchtower, pages 446-447 said: According to the Bible timetable, man's history on earth has been nearly 6,000 years. Adam was created in 4026 BCE which means that 6,000 years of human history end about the fall of 1975 CE. We are in the great 7,000 year rest day of God, starting at the time he rested after the creation of Adam and Eve. There are, therefore, a thousand years left to run. Without Satan and his demons to disturb mankind [because they will have been bound after Armageddon] it will indeed be a restful time. It will be like a Sabbath.

    1 May 1968 Watchtower, page 272 said: The immediate future is certain to be filled with climactic events, for this old system is nearing its complete end. Within a few years at most the final parts of the Bible prophecy relative to these 'last days' will undergo fulfilment, resulting in the liberation of surviving mankind into Christ's glorious 1,000 year reign.

    The May 1974 Kingdom Ministry (page 3) commended those who sold their homes and property to serve full time as pioneers. But after 1975 came and went without any sign of Armageddon, the 15 July 1976 Watchtower (pages 440 and 441) pointed the finger of blame, not at the WTS or the Governing Body, but at the publishers who, they said, had "a mistaken view, thinking that Bible chronology reveals the specific date... It is not advisable for us to set our sights on a certain date... it was not the word of God that failed or deceived him and brought disappointment, but that his own understanding was based on wrong premises."

    The 15 October 1974 Watchtower article (page 635) said that the publications of Jehovah's Witnesses have shown that, according to Bible chronology, it appears that 6,000 years of man's existence will be completed in the mid-1970's. But these publications have never said that the world's end would come then.

    True, they just said that 6,000 years of man's existence would end in the fall (October) of 1975. What link could could there possibly be to from that date to the start of Armageddon, prior to the millennial reign of Christ starting? Happily for the WTS and the Governing Body, they had already started to insert their get-out clauses by toning down their language so they could wash their collective hands of the whole sorry affair when the chronology was proved wrong - again. They did exactly the same thing when Armageddon failed to materialise in 1925 - it was all the fault of people with overactive imaginations. I've got the quotations from the Society, but I shouldn't think there is a Jehovah's Witness alive who wants to see them.

    The WTS is now pointing ahead to 2034, drawing a parallel with the 120 years that Noah preached before the flood arrived. "Now is therefore the time to do Jehovah's will with a keen sense of urgency." 15 December 2003 Watchtower, pages 14-19. Check out the link for yourselves:

    It is imperative that the publishers keep focusing ahead, and that is why the Governing Body keeps coming up with amended chronology, euphemistically described as 'new light'. Pre-1960 publishers have no idea of all the hype and expectations stirred up by the WTS and Governing Body regarding 1975. I was disgusted with them when they turned round and then blamed the people who trusted and believed in them, saying they had read more into it than was there. What a disgrace.

    Edit: I'm delighted that Angelmusic was around to get her own copy of the Life Everlasting book (so did I). Perhaps you would be kind enough to confirm that it actually did say the end of 6,000 years was expected in the fall of 1975? Of course, that calculation turned out to be wrong, didn't it? My parents were baptised at the end of the 1930's and they believed they would be alive to see Armageddon and the new system of things. Pity the Governing Body got its sums wrong.

    I wonder if any Jehovah's Witnesses will contradict what the 15 December 2003 Watchtower said on pages 14-19 about the parallel between the 120 years that Noah preached before the flood arrived and the 'new light' to suggest Armageddon will arrive 120 years after 1914. If if I got that wrong, I need to know because it is not my intention to misrepresent what the Governing Body is now saying about the definition of 'this generation'. If you add 120 to 1914 you arrive at 2034. Tell me I'm wrong and I will apologise.

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    Well I live on the coast. I got baptized in 1974. Sure there were people saying that it was possible. I remember thinking that I did not think it would happen, simply because it will come "as a thief in the night". I do not remember hearing anything from the platform or written down in literature. I do remember it was a time (right after the peace/love movement) when people were seeking answers. If you even listen to the songs back then, they were very optimistic that there would finally be peace! Of course, how many speeches have politicians and clergy alike said 'peace and security'. Anyway, back to that time period; I was one of about 14 people that came into the truth, pretty much through a couple witnesses. It was an exciting time. I remember people leaving back then because they were disappointed that 1975 wasn't what "they" hoped it would be. BUT, it wasn't that many and pretty much expected when it happened. It is just another time that Jehovah has cleaned out the congregations. It happened then and continues to happen. 1974 & 1975 were very significant times in history. So, nothing to be disappointed about. Let's face it; if a person is serving Jehovah for just a "DATE" they do NOT have pure motive. They have a divided-heart. Not everyone in the organization is there for the right reasons. An interesting part from last week's Watchtower study: 13 The cry "Peace and security" will be just another demon-inspired lie; yet, it will not fool Jehovah's servants. "You are not in darkness," wrote Paul, "so that that day should overtake you as it would thieves, for you are all sons of light and sons of day." (1 Thess. 5:4,5) So let us stay in the light, far away from the darkness of Satan's world. Peter wrote; "Beloved ones, having this advance knowledge, be on your guard that you may not be led away with them (false teachers within the Christian congregation) I will stop there. The apostasy starts within the congregation. This is why we NEED to be on guard. Especially considering the time period we are now living.

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    Yes, I was 14 and still am a Witness. I was baptized in '79. My parents are still witnesses as are most of my brothers and sisters. All I remember being said about 1975 was that it had been 6,000 years since Adams creations and could there be any sufficient in that. Anyone who took if further than that was their own speculation and they must have only been serving Jehovah for a date and it was their own lack of faith that caused them to leave Jehovah.

    Jehovah's Witnesses have more than double since that time. There are now close to 7 million worldwide in 736 lands.

    Grey Tower: there has been no connect with the 120 years that Noah preached and the end of this system. We always believe that the end could come tomorrow, so we should always be ready as it will come as a "theft when we least expect it". "Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels in the heavens nor the Son, but only the Father knows." Matt 24: 26 We do know the season, that we are living in the last days. Matt 24: 2; Tim 3:1-5 Jehovah is the only one who knows when he will bring the end of this system.

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    Sorry although I am a JW I was not at the age of 3 in 1975!

    However I would like to say that it is not true that the Watchtower society cover up previously published material. Nearly all of their publications are widely distributed on cd rom annually. This is available to practising JW's so anyone outside the congregation may not realise this.

    Those who left were being misled away from the truth and were not listening to correct information. It is Jehovah's way of refining the congregations and testing faith. They needed to be "loyal to the end" and those that left weren't. Jehovah does not need to live up to our expectations.

    The organisation is a perfect organisation being run by imperfect people and the society is always ready to openly admit any mistake. However they will not admit a mistake as in the instance of 1975 because they never claimed that the date was significant in any way.

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    My dad and mom were always given old books from my uncle who is an elder, and I read those up. Man some were odd, and definitely promising a date for the end. A certain book with Babylon in the title was most intriguing. I liked the God's Word book though. It was cool and didn't teach that kind of stuff. The Greatest Man book is pretty decent too. Plus, I had access to a library I shouldn't have been allowed access to prolly. Well, anyway, the REALLY OLD books (1930s onward) promised certain dates sometimes. My dad is one of the people who is on the fence about it all and has disassociated. But my uncle, and quite a few other family members, have stayed "in the truth" since 1950s onward.

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    I have been a publisher since 1965.

    I did not bother about 1975 at all because it was not a prophecy as many think se my wed site to see what the biblical definition on prophecy is

    I did not and do not stay a JW because I want to save my life (future event) . I am a JW because I am thank-full for my very existence now and for the wonderful planet we live on. If I knew for certain that Armageddon was not to come in my life time it would not change how I feel. I would still want ot serve the God of the universe in the way that he wants to be served to the best of my ability under whatever circumstances I was in.

    As for those that fell away form being a JW after 1975 I feel sorry for them for not having developed a live for their creator. Personally I view most of them as only wanting to save their own skins if Armageddon was to come them and when it did not they thought what the heck Ill enjoy my life now.

    Here in the city where I live, we started building our first assembly hall in May 1975 after about two years of planning. Why would we do that if we thought this system would end in that year?

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    My Mother was baptised in '63. There was no Actual "prophecy" about 1975.

    She and My Dad did know some people, both Witness and not, that sadly, did believe the rumor that SOME people purported.

    My parents NEVER bought into, or acted on, the whole "1975" thing that SOME people claimed.

    My Dad was a Witness from his baptism in the 60's till the day he died in 2008.

    My Mother, was raised a Witness, was baptised in '63, and is still an active Witness.


    Someone posted this lie again, "The WTS is now pointing ahead to 2034". I, a current Witness have ONLY read this claim, on Yahoo! Answers, from non Witnesses.

    NO Witnesses that I've talked with, have mentioned Anything about 2034.

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    (YES); I Was there 4 the 1975 "Problem".

    I Lived through it; and the Happiest Jehovah's Witnesses that I know are the Ones that Were LOYAL & Survived the 1975 "Syndrome" !

    For FAITHFUL Jehovah's Witnesses the Year 1975 Really Does (NOT MATTER) "In the Least"; this is the Year 2009 By the Way !

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    I didnt think there were any jehovah witnesses left. Wasnt the end of the world somewhere around 2001? What happenned to the 440,000 promised people? Or have I got that wrong as well?

    144,000. Thank you for correcting me. I wasnt sure.

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    My familys on both my mom's and dad's side were all JW's at that time,after they got away from the kingdom hall they would discuss their outrage about it amongst each other,debate the issue ,some left the organization,some stayed(but the ones who stayed quietly disagree of it and have admitted to me that they have their doubts about alot of things since then.)

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    I have been serving God since 1969 and still going strong. I dedicated my life to God without a time limit. The time of the end was never given a date only a generation. This is and has been the BEST organization on earth today and is giving God people the thing they need to be able to ID people like yourself. I hope you come to your senses.

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