Will a Pikachu learn Shock Wave without a TM in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time?

O.k. In Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2, the pokemon that best fits me is a Pikachu. My question is, will Pikachu learn Shock Wave at a certain level, or would I have to teach it Shock Wave with a TM? Also, which move should I get rid of to teach Pikachu Shock Wave?

Double Team (Double Team and Agility are connected)




One last thing, there's this website that people keep on talking about that you can make your own wondermail codes. Well, I want a lot of Golden seeds (raise you up 5 levels). I was wondering, is there a limit on how many wondermail codes you can make? And if there is some wondermail codes out there for Golden Seeds, will you tell me the site (the exact window that tells the wondermail). Thank You.

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    no HE or SHE won't learn it you must teach it as for the making your own code thing i don't use it & i don't know the site for it sorry..ok go 2 GAMEFAQs.COM click on DS (platforms) then click on the letter P find your game & click on FAQs now click on ITEM FAQ scan down slow until you see SEEDS on the LEFT corner now go from there..oh just make sure you have a spot on your jobs list for the GOLDEN SEEDS job...

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    no it will not

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