Would you buy my book called "Panic Attacks from a 15 year olds experience."?


Thanks everyone for getting back. The book is about a 15year old who had Panic attacks. I want passers by to know what the book is about.

Any suggestions of names?

Update 2:

Because a 15 year old is a kid who should be exploring with things and taking trips into town with friends. Not battling with panic attacks every day

Update 3:

scilens42: I understand what you mean about how its written! I myself would dislike ready a book written by the drive of teenage hormones! I am 17 now, so i have a bit more writable knowledge then a 15 year old would have. So i hope this would encourage you to re-think whether or not you would purchase it. Thanks for aswering

Update 4:

Smile Kitty: There always has to be a smart aroggent so and so like you hasn't there.

Update 5:

KK: You sound like a very arguementative person, in which i don't think you'd need a book to help you, so why are you here?

Update 6:

Chick-A- Deedle: Thanks for the encouragement, have a nice day. :)

Update 7:

KK: Haha, arguing with a 17 year old, Your an oldish lady, i think your the one who needs to grow up. And i read your profile, and found out your a writer. Any forms of jealousy you have going on?That im starting my publishing career young and you didnt?

Update 8:

KK: Eww could you get off my question and stop stalking me. Your EDIT1 was pointless as i have just realised your talking about something that wasnt even to you. Back off abit love. And 28 is very old compared to 17.

Update 9:

KK: No love, i get the last word. Chub.

Update 10:

KK: I won, goodbye.

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    I think it would be a really insightful and helpful book for members of the population who are often overlooked with the self help books. Most people think panic attacks and anxiety attacks are the same...they don't realize that panic attacks come with really awful physical symptoms and you think you're going to die. Teenagers have a hard enough time coping with hormones and worrying about death as it is and a book to let them know they are not "different" or "sick" would be a blessing. If one of my children had panic attacks at that age I would absolutely pick up that book and read it to see if it would help them (as any responsible parent should do...not because I wouldn't trust the content) and let them read it...or read it together with them.

    As far as suggestions for names...well, I'm sure that will come to you as you write the book. Mark Twain never titled his books until he finished them. He drew inspiration from himself and I'm sure you will do the same :))

    I wish you all the luck (and patience...going to take a lot of that to write a book but you seem to be ready for it)!

    When you're ready to publish, look for a grant to get it out on the shelves...there's a bunch of resources and I would give some to you here but there are so many that you would have to pick one that best suits you and the book upon completion. Just do a search for "publishing grants".

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  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    I have read some litterature about panic attacks. But they allways seem to have a more scientific approach and that is nothing I need in my struggle to survive those horrible panic attacks. This is a "hand on" and very practical book. I felt it was written to me. I am sure that you are going to feel the same.

    Joe Barry writes exactly how I think. The examples are perfectly described. And the method is genius. I recommend this book and thanks Joe Barry for writing it. It changes your life

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  • 4 years ago

    This is just so upsetting to read let alone to be involved in. What seems to be very worrying - in addition to the obvious - is that it seems to be a 'considered' comment rather than an angry outburst said in the heat of the moment (not that this would be much better!) Things like this stay with kids for ever - my grandmother still tells me stories of how her dad was horrible to her and she is 90! Yes of course he needs to apologize but he also needs to know that nothing he does is ever going to put it completely right - in short he's blown it. Please give her loads of love and reassurance. Do something really cool together to let her know just how important and special she is. Our psyches are so delicate while we are growing particularly at this age when we are moving between childhood and adulthood never quite understanding where we fit. He really needs to be told what that abuse isn't only a physical thing and that we can be just as easily scared mentally. If he EVER does anything like this again you should perhaps sit down with your daughter and see whether she really wants to carry on seeing him at the moment. Good luck, its tough enough being a single mum without emotional terrorists screwing with your daughters mind.

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  • 1 decade ago

    MDL....Its an awesome idea. Dealing with panic attacks is all about information and devloping coping skills to go with symptoms that always seem new and different than "last time." I think your book idea is brilliant and would fit the boutique market like a silk glove! Ignore the negative. Its always best to try to step around the dog droppings in life.

    Panic attacks ARE a big deal. Finding that there are ways to cope and you don't have to be a complete victim to them even in the middle of one is very useful.

    Very insightful and very smart, a terrific idea!

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  • ghost
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    1 decade ago

    I wouldn't because I'm not a 15 year old, but I'm sure it will be, very helpful and insightful for people who are, or have children who and who better to tell what it's like than someone who's 15.

    It's a great idea though

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think it would be a good book for teens who suffer from panic attacks (because there are loads of them). It would be good to have first-hand experience on how to cope with them e.t.c.

    As for title suggestions, how about...

    -My Life of Panic Attacks

    -Panic Attacks: A teenager's experiences

    As you can probably tell, I have no imagination today!

    Good luck with your book :)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah, anyone over 15 wouldn't read a book called "panic attacks."

    Nobody wants to have a panic attack whilst reading a book - well, then again it takes all kinds...

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  • 1 decade ago

    it depends on how well it is written. the matter itself is interesting enough for some people, I suppose, but if it's written by a 15-year-old who pities him/herself and is really annoying and hates the whole world and exaggerates everything I wouldn't.

    If it's well and realistically written I would.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Nope, I'm way past 15

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  • Han
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Why should a panick attack be any different just because you're 15?

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