Can you openly buy and smoke pot on a resort in Jamaica ?

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It is illegal to buy and smoke pot anywhere in Jamaica.Do not be fooled.If you are caught you will face the judge.
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  • Chris answered 5 years ago
    The appropriate answer to your question is NO! You CANNOT "openly" buy and smoke pot on a resort in Jamaica.

    But you can definitely buy discretely and smoke in "your room" on the property. Ganja is ILLEGAL in Jamaica believe it or not. But you will definitely see Jamaicans and others smoking in public areas especially at nights if you go clubbing, parties etc.

    It is just that "some" police officers don't enforce the law. But i would NEVER encourage anyone to buy and smoke in public unless you are in your own environs or somewhere that allows you to do so.

    ** Here's some advice;
    1. Just be very observant, if you are in an environment and u see the locals smoking it, then you can take the chance...just observe the locals and your me you will know where to smoke..

    2. It's easier to take a chance smoking in public at nights, than during the day.
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  • Shelley L answered 5 years ago
    Contrary to popular belief.. it's still ILLEGAL to sell, buy or smoke weed in Jamaica.
    Some resorts are more lax than others. Some just look the other way.. others will no so much.
    If the room is smoking.. light up.. if mom and the kids are hanging by the pool.. go elsewhere.

    Don't try and bring it home.. Jamaican jails are not that nice.
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  • Brown eyes answered 5 years ago
    yes its ok smoke away u crack head
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  • DA-TRUTH answered 5 years ago
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  • christnp answered 5 years ago
    It is illegal, but easy to obtain. You should not smoke openly. If the resort sees you doing it, they will ask you to stop, but won't arrest you. If they catch you repeatedly they might throw you out. If police see you, they will arrest you.

    Before you even leave the airport, people will be offering to sell it to you. At the resorts, sometimes landscape workers will quietly ask if you "have every thing you need". You'll also be approached by people on the beach if it's public. If it's private, you'll often see people in small boats calling "pssssst".
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  • ? answered 5 years ago
    Yes you can it isnt legal but you will be approached everywhere and people smoke right at the hotels in the bars..

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  • Orthodox answered 5 years ago
    I would think so since it is legal there. Just be like smoking a cigarette.
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