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Poetry Help needed ASAP?

Im writing a poem and im stuck on one stanza.

Im writing a Interlocking Rubiyat; Iambic Pentameter.

Rhyme scheme is




dded <-- on this one currently



So here's the stanza::

Why do you not get the message I convey?

I felt you existence yesterday,

[line i need help with]

Although i still look around in disarray. <- Not sure if im going to put that there.

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    Two things:

    1) In the second line, a correction: don't you mean "your" instead of


    2) Have you written anything for the "bbcb" yet? If so, you need to let

    me know what it was so I can help you with the "b" line of "aaba".

    If I am not mistaken, don't the "b"s have to rhyme? Give me your

    "bbcb" line so I can help you finish the "aaba" line you are asking

    for help on. I'll get back to you.

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  • 4 years ago

    Life is nature... You are not able to seize the complete of it in a picture. Its establishing, contemplated, life, memorable. Its finish-by no means, it are not able to die in its complete mass. (NOTE:You are not able to kill all of existence) It will continually include secrets and techniques, unexplored via guy. (In this one, while i speak approximately "existence" i do not imply only one individual, i imply each little residing factor) Life is a work of tune... Non-existent with out a center, a sole. Can be inspired via love, via hate. Built as much as its peek, resigning to its finish. If sufficient of an have an impact on, by no means forgotten. It's to reside for hundreds of years past its demise. (Just should you did not appreciate the final line, while i say existence lives on past its demise I imply as a reminiscence.) I HOPE I REALLY HELPED (;

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