Is it possible to use 'Fancy Knitting Yarn' 100% Polyester to make a felted bag? Will it look a lot different?

I want to make a tote style bag using 'Fancy Kntting Yarn' and then Felt it. Is this possible seeing as the yarn is 100% Polyester? Will it look much different from one felted in wool yarn?


What stitch would be best to use?

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    Polyester will not felt. The only yarns that will felt are both a.) at least 80% wool, alpaca, angora, cashmere, llama &/or mohair, and b.) not labeled "superwash" or "machine-washable." Every yarn felts differently, and different colors of the same yarn may felt differently. (Some light colors will not felt as a result of the bleaching process.)

    Also, knitting shrinks more lengthwise than widthwise when felted. So always knit a swatch (small sample square), measure it, felt it, then measure it again to calculate what dimensions you'll need to knit in order to make the desired size felted tote.

    Here are some good articles about felting:

    All stitch definition is lost when felted. So plain old stockinette stitch or garter stitch is fine.

    There are lots of free knitting patterns for felted items at

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    I very much doubt that polyester would ever even felt, at least not to the same extent than 100% pure wool. I have never even heard anyone using other than wool for felting.

    Source(s): A needle/wet felter.
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    6 years ago

    I don't think a polyester yarn would give greater result than wool but you can give it a try. You must also know about the properties of Polyester Filament yarn to be able to do it.

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