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ticket for orlando walt disney

i'm going to orlando disney next month, is that really easy to get the ticket from there, and is there any cheaper way to buy it? or have anyone have any information for me that i need to know?


I am from England , the price cheapest in here is around 230 pounds (HKD$2650) for 5 day ticket per adult , I just find something great deal in Orlando.

Many Thanks!

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    buying admission ticket is very easy and converence.

    you can buy it from the hotel counter you stay. buy at the main entrence. the price for 5 days ( or 1 week unlimited entery ) is about $200 USD. that was 3 years ago price lor.

    it is about $49 a day ticket for 1 theme park.

    tell the truth, the admission fee is not high but the food and drink inside are.

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    try to rent a wheelchair for ederly family member. why? because the family with wheelchair access no need to follow the long line, and will be seated on the front roll.

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    wheelchair can be rented from main gate, about $ 10 to $15 a day.

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    hi, if u depart from Hong Kong, the cheapest way is joining the tour, cos' the hotel/tickets/transportation in USA are not cheap.

    if u depart from USA/Canada, search the package (including air-ticket/pick-up/hotel/disney tickets) from airlines, it will be more cheaper than u buy at disney park.

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