How Do I Take A Pic Of A Game I Am Playing On Funnygame, armorgame, groundgame,ect?

How do i take a pic of what i had done on the game i am playing (The touture game 3) and put it on internet? I had found a way to make a dead boby look very pettty and i wanna to show off. Help?


To Outlaw:

My Print scrn key's not working.It seem like that.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Use the onscreen keyboard

    - Click "Start" button

    - Click on "RUN"

    - Enter\type "OSK" (without quotes)

    using your mouse click on the PRNT SCR (PSC) button next to F12 button.

    you can also use free application that does screen captures if that's your goal.

    Other alterative to print screen:

    ScreenHunter -

    Gadwinpintscreen -

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The key to the right of the "Scroll lock" key (right of the F1 - F12) says "Prt Scr." Hit that while the page is up. Then go to paint and right click paste.

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