What legal action can I take if any, against a company that pays for junk cars?

I saw a junk cars for cash on a sign in Las Vegas. "We'll pay you cash for your car" type thing. So we called and they were supposed to show up with a check in hand. However they picked up the car and were supposed to send a check. We waited 2 weeks before we were calling the company up wondering where the money was, only to find out that this company has no email to contact, is based in New Jersey, and apparently has more than one manager, one of which loves shouting at customers. In fact, they like to play games with that role. So finally, we got them to mail a check. The check however, when we tried to deposit it, said it was from an account with insufficient funds the next day. We've called and asked for our money for services rendered with nothing in return. Even mailed a copy of the insufficient check proof. It is now almost April, and this happened in October. We've contacted the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Affairs and still no help. This transaction was only for a hundred bucks, but that's one hundred bucks that hasn't been paid by a company. I believe that this company doesn't think anything will be done to them for a claim this small. I'm hoping someone can direct me to a solution to our issue. Thanks. For more information on the company go to www.autorev.com

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    Go to the clerk of courts office. File a claim in small claims court. You can sue for the check, the return fee, and the court filing. Get the local company served/

    Also, talk to the County prosecutor, they may float a lot of bad paper.

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    I appreciate your pissoffedness but be prepared to sacrifice more blood, sweat and tears, not to mention money, to achieve your revenge than you're prepared for. Best to just be content with your having contacted the L. V. Better Business Bureau and filing the complaint.

    Problem is that this shyster operation can vanish at an appropriate moment and the authorities know that and just don't want to be bothered.

    The operator may even be the brother-in-law of the sheriff.

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    Contact the NJ Attorney Generals or local DA/Prosecutor. Writing a bad check is a crime. They can prosecute the responsible person & seek restitution.

    Filing a civil suit in Small Claims Court will get you no where. You would get a favorable judgment but it would be up to you to try to collect it.

    No lawyer is going to take a $100 case.

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    EEOC does not handle wage issues. You need to contact your local office of wage and labor and file a claim with them for unpaid wages. Have you asked your HR office why this keeps happening and what you can do to make sure it stops and you get paid for all days/time worked on time? I would at least ask them to hear what they tell you, then if there is no reasonable answer from them I would go and file a claim against the company.

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    Get a lawyer. There's got to be something you can do about that.

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