What is the best ATF fluid?

I have heard of the wonders of royal purple and seen someone put it in everything and get more MPG. Is royal purple the best? What is the best for MPG? What about filters for changing ATF? Thanks!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    ATF is not going to give you better gas mileage i don't care what kind it is. Royal purple Max ATF is a synthetic, high-performance, automatic transmission fluid. Its low co-efficient of friction and high film strength help to dramatically reduce heat and wear. Additionally, Max ATF is more oxidation stable than other transmission fluids for longer fluid life.

    Max ATF significantly reduces heat to extend the life of your transmission. Automatic transmissions generate a great deal of heat and depend upon the transmission fluid for cooling and protection. More than 90 percent of all automatic transmission failures are caused by overheating; a 20°F reduction in fluid temperature can double the life of the transmission.

    Max ATF is fully compatible and can be mixed with other automatic transmission fluids; however, for the best results drain or flush the current oil and then fill with Max ATF.

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    If you look up the specs of a particular atf you will mostly see viscosity measurements and although each type of atf has set limits for viscosities there is a crucial characteristic that will not be shown on the spec sheet and that is the fluids friction properties. An automatics clutch material is matched to the OE fluid which means that any alternative atf may or may not have the exact same friction properties as the bottle with your car makers name on it. It is also worth mentioning that ALL transmission fluids on the market flow well at sub freezing temps. Yes even the non synthetics and this is because the base oil is very thin compared to even a 5w-30 engine oil. My point is that your choice of atf should not depend on its base oil. It is irrelevant.

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    Best Atf Fluid

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    The best ATF is the one recommended for your car. Brand wise I would say anyone that is Fully Synthetic. Go Royal Purple If Its Easily Avalable

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    I would agree with the Royal Purple but check your owners manual or call the dealership to make sure.

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    Hell no ! The only thing i can think of that you might be thinking of is that you can use transmission fluid in place of power steering fluid. The brake fluid will destroy all of the rubber seals in your transmission.

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