what is the language conflict in east timor?

1. i'm a college student in malaysia. my english teacher wanted to do a mock united nations' general assembly. i'm representing the east timor and coming up with an issue of language in east timor.

is there actually any problem relating to language in east timor currently?

2. what about the issue of peace in east timor? i've been reading articles about it on the internet but i can't understand what's the real problem. can someone please explain about it in a simplified version


3. another issue is the oil. is there any issue about oil in east timor?

**hmm..seems like i asked a lot..

thanks to anyone that can help me with any of the issues here.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1. Timor-Leste has two official languages, Tetum and Portuguese, and two "working languages", Indonesian and English. I guess individuals' language preferences would be closely related to their political stances.

    2. I understood Portuguese decolonisation, the declaration of independence, and the Indonesian annexation and its reversal; however, the latest conflict is too complex for me.

    3. There's a lot of petroleum and natural gas in the Timor Gap fields, lying between Timor-Leste and Australia. I understand that negotiations between the two countries are an ongoing saga.

    Sorry – not much help, but it's a start. :)


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