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Al Gore uses the Global Warming scare?

GWB used the War on Terror to give us the Patriot Act Obama used the economy to enlarge government by trillions of dollars. Last year both Polar Ice Caps grew in size. The so called endangered Polar Bears, doomed by Global Warming are having a population boom in Eastern Arctic. We have seen record breaking colds this last year all over Earth. Even now we have freezing cold waters flooding towns in Mid-America and ice blocking a major river.

If anyone remembers the late 60s and early 70s then you should also remember smog. Not haze, smog.It covered every city in America. My dad was a pilot and I remember climbing above these thick brown clouds as if it were a major weather front. In L.A. it was so bad not only did your lungs and eyes burn but your skin. Acid ran would fall and eat the paint off cars. That was pollution and everyone saw it and we all helped clean it up. No place I know now has ones skin burning or the paint ate off cars.

A false problem with the crazy tree huggers and wacky greenies egging it on. These wackos put more value on some worm or tree than a human life. The congress and Obama now seeing a chance for an even bigger government and more power have in the works another $2 trillion carbon tax. Oh can't call it tax so lets call it carbon credits (everybody likes credit). It will save Mother Earth and anyone that doesn't reach his hand way down in his pocket that has already been emptied by government greed is a none caring slug who doesn't deserve to breath on this wholly planet.

Some of these tree humppers are now saying most of the population must be killed off if Earth is to survive. When the Bible talks of end times it says most will worship a false god. That false god I believe is Mother Earth. When a Marxist can be elected leader of a Republic anything is possible. My question is with all signs pointing to this Global Warming being nothing more than a way to rob us of even more of our hard earned wages will we allow our government to once again bend us over or will we say enough is enough and gut congress in this next election?


And you have the arrogance to attack him?


I don't need arrogance to attack Algor.All it would take to attack Algor is stupidity as even a slobbering idiot can see where he is going with his Global Warming Dream.

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A lot of good answers but one keep it short and gave it all in a nut shell.

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    Good point.

    Remember one thing though a good scientist looks at all of the facts before coming to a conclusion.

    A liberal finds a conclusion and changes the fact to suit the theory

    Global Warming is the biggest hoax since the War of the Worlds Radio Broadcast

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    I believe that it was Thomas Jefferson who said something along the lines of that the government should be overthrown once every few years to keep it from getting too powerful. A powerful government means less freedom for those under it. It's way I'm a Republican. Small government doesn't get in my way and take my money and if 10% is good enough for God then 10% is more then enough for Uncle Sam. Also just in case if most people forgot oh yeah they did that's right in World War II when we fought Hitler Germany was controled by the government and it had a government so strong that it held power of indivigules even indivigules lives. To get the government that larg is to ask once again for Genocide. You don't have to look hard to see that it may happen again but not in Germany but in the US. And for all of those tree hugging people that say we have to die to keep the world going... They can be the first to go =D That should be enough to keep the world going ;)

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    They're at it again and this time it's really stupid. The noise and doom that these people come up has reached the point of stupidity! How much of this stuff do we have to endure before we jump down the throats of these people and yell, ENOUGH!

    We've been threatened with atomic warfare, didn't happen. The Earth was supposed to turn into an ice cube, didn't happen. We had Y2K, SARS, Ebola virus, HIV and AIDS which are no longer important. We've heard the apocalyptic predictions of Bird flu. West Nile Virus, color coded terror warnings, acid rain, holes in the ozone.

    Give it up and shut up.

    Obama and Al Gore are idiots. "Climate change" is nothing more than the changing seasons we experience all year, every year to varying degrees-- but in a near predictable cycle. There will be years of hot, humid summers with rainy autumns, and cold, nearly snowless winters. Then we'll have, and have had, cycles of cooler or stormy summers, drier fall months, and cold snowy winters.

    This carbon tax / carbon credit is simply extortion and I hope people will refuse to pay the additional $1,400 a year added to their utility bills. Of course, this is just a first phase, some of you when Obama is done, will be paying $8,000 more every year in additional energy costs because of this junk science.

    TEA! Taxed Enough Already. Al Gore should not get more money for fraud.

    The carbon credits are a scam. They will do nothing but give people "permission" to pollute. All you have to do is pay Al Gore, he'll split the money with Obama, and you can pollute all you want. I don't see how this helps anything, but that's the way of politics.

    Keep your money, do not pay. Next thing you know, we'll be charged when it rains, or by how much gas we pass, or if the sigh we let out is too big for our limit. Oh, and watch that sneezing, that huge blast of CO2 is going to pipelined to the North Pole to kill polar bears.

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    it ain't Nice to Mess with Mother Nature........!

    there are some Hard-core Facts that proves Global Warming is causing problems, but just like every issue in Life both sides go to xxxtremes.........

    so it up to you to follow your own path~!

    and my eyes still burn when goin through parts of California and Denver, plus the Farmers are polluting the Aquifers and Rivers and Streams all the way to the Gulf of Mexico and into the Sea~!

    there is a Dead Zone in the Gulf caused by the Nitrates and Pesticides Farmers drain into the Rivers~!

    we need to compromise on the Issues, then go forward from there instead of fighting about the Issues and never accomplishing anything at all~!

    oh ya, the Big Oil Companies have Sht-canned Nigeria~!!!

    Source(s): me! National Geographics Magazines...... Long Haul Owner Operater Cross Country Truck Driver~!
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    I find it disturbing that people turn a blind eye to the fact that Al Gore has used false information or half truths to back up his global warming argument. I do believe in global climate change. But to say that we humans are causing this is arrogant! The planet goes thru its own cycles and there is nothing that we can do about it.

    The whole global warming is nothing more than a way to gain more power. People like to claim that all the scientists believe it is true but fail to mention the petition that went around signed by many of the worlds top scientists that say it is not real. They also fail to mention that some of the pro scientists have to agree with it in order to get funding and/or save their jobs.

    Its funny how the tree huggers are saying that there is to many people and we are killing the earth. If they truly felt bad for the earth like they claim and believed that humans are killing mother earth, than you would think they would be the first to off themselves.

    The problem with Americans today is we believe everything because it is easier than looking up facts. We also hate the rich and want to take all their money because of envy and laziness, but never stop to consider who make jobs. We would rather vote based on name recognition and we have a short memory.

    I hope during this next elections people will remember what is going on today. But I dont think the will. They will vote on name recognition. Never mind Barney Frank had a lot to do with our current economic crisis, he has been there so long that his voters recognize his name and will vote for him base solely on that.

    They will also forget what is going on today and during election time a lot of the adds will claim half truth and lies. Rather than looking up those claims we will just believe them because it is easier.

  • Lady B
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    News just came out last week and it showed that Al Gore's FEVER is a Hoax.

    I can't believe Parents allow their kids to be taught Made Up Scientific Data from the Failed Presidential Candidate Al Gore. It's just wrong.

    The USA has come a long way in terms of not polluting but to say Global Warming - it is a JOKE, A Lie and it's expensive. And it's something Obama will not let go. GOD FOR BID if a Liberal is W-R-O-N-G.

  • Anonymous
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    A bogeyman is always needed when you want to control the way a significant segment of the population thinks and acts. If there isn't one handy, you manufacture one, ceaselessly drumming it into the heads of people over and over again until they accept it as the truth, along the lines of the Hitler/Goebbels propaganda model. Then you gain control of major media, to enable you to verbally attack those who don't go along with your contentions, and constantly ridicule and browbeat them.

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    Great question by the way. Very controversial.

    I'm going to have to say it might be half and half. Some people will try to say that but some people will side with the government and allow them some control over them. We are all different so what will stop us from making different decisions?

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    False about the patriot act. The Patriot Act was first created under Clinton (but did not pass congress). Later it was re-created after 9/11.

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    A scare??? Bob, if you think “Global Warming” is ONLY a political tactic, you need to take a trip to Greenland and talk to the people there – visit the glaciers and literally watch them move 500 ft. in one day. Regardless your “political” stance, you are a human being with a heart that needs to continue to pump.

    All the rest is fluff...

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