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Is the Confederate flag a symbol of state's rights or slavery?

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    do states rights trump human rights? the nazis commited genocide yet i see only a few idiots proudly brandishing that standard. the japanese also committed war time crimes yet there isn't much of a japanese wwii movement. so here we have a bunch of southerners defending their ancestors and honoring their fight to keep my ancestors slaves and to perpetuate 400 years of brutality, rape, and torture. i consider the rebel flag to be the standard of stupidity...the banner of bushwackers and traitors. the fleur-d-failure . wave it proudly now!

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    States Rights

    PC people believe that it represents slavery because of the Civil War. The north fought the Civil War to preserve the union and the south fought to have the right of self determination even if that included slavery.

    Some people in the present believe the north fought the Civil War to end slavery but that is far from the truth.

    Truth is, the north was losing the Civil War then Lincoln passed a bill to free slaves and when the people up north heard of this bill there were riots in the streets in the north. People living in that time period fought to preserve the union not to end slavery. A lot of northerners didn't want to fight to end slavery.

    Does that make the union flag (OLD GLORY) a symbol of slavery? Answer no, just like the confederate isn't a symbol of slavery as well.

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    you're maximum staggering, symbols recommend specific issues to diverse people yet we gained't see previous the damaging image and into the guts of the guy who reflects it on an identical time as the accomplice flag has a place in background it is likewise the flag of slave vendors and a reminder of all of the abuses linked with slavery. It has each little thing to do with slavery. the comparable innovations pertain to the German Nazi symbols of WWII.

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    I think it depends upon the intent with which it is displayed. While there might be some old southern pride in the flag for many, there are also a significant number of goobers that brandish it purposely as a tool of racial intolerance. While many northerners might not understand the states rights and confederacy nostalgia on the part of those that love that flag but are not racists, those that are fond of that flag need to admit that there are many whites that have worn it as a badge of their determination to not allow blacks and other minorities into their social and economic circle.

    Source(s): I went to school in Georgia for a time and was in love with a Georgia boy for a while :)
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    Reality is the confederate flag is a symbol of the states fight to maintain their right to self govern. Nothing more or less, it has nothing to do with slavery as this was not actually a major part of the civil war as many more northerners owned slaves than the south. But your history book will never tell you this.

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    The inaccurately referred to as the Confederate Flag is a flag Democrat Men fought and died under, glad they lost. I am a Rebel.

    Source(s): Has everybody forgotten it was the Republicans that passed the 13th Amendment.
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    States' Rights.

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    It is the symbol of the suppression of part of the United States to exercise their right under the Constitution to self rule and freedom from interference from the tyranny of sister states.

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    It has not been banned.

    Its a Symbol of Free Spirited Americans.

    What would it have to do with slavery?

    This is a ridicules question the war was not fought about Slavery go read an Un-biased History book.

    Source(s): redneck republican shouldn't talk about smart folks he asks dumb questions and is not really very bright.
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    States rights against a repressive government.

    Source(s): Still have mine.
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    I call it a Southern Republican Red State Contradiction. I find it hard to believe that they call themselves Patriots . And I have to ask to what Flag they are so Patriotic about .

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