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who has the better chokeslam, kane or undertaker? or big show?

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    Kane's original Chokeslam kicked ***, he can't do it as well these days, sadly.

    Big Shows isn't really a Chokeslam in the traditional sense, which is why it used to have it's own name.

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    Big Show's was better when it was the show stopper, but Kane is the only one who actually uses it as a finisher.

    The best chokeslam however was when Big Show chokeslammed Undertaker through the ring.

    But Kane's is the hardest chokeslam in the WWE.

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  • 4 years ago

    Kane. it quite is his element and the Undertaker could have a impressive chokeslam yet i think of the "final journey" is a extra helpful finisher for him. As for the large Khali and massive coach, they could be effective, yet they only are not exciting.

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    masked kane had a really good chokeslam as well as the biker undertaker

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    WWE Title 1

    ECW Title 1

    IC Title 2

    World Tag Team Title 9

    Hardcore Title 1

    WCW Tag Team Title 1

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  • Much respect for the Big red monster and the dead man

    but Show has got a major chokeslam

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    Kane has perfected it.

    btw watch

    Youtube thumbnail

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    kane. he lift them up high and slam them down harder

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