Writing a paper on Assisted Suicide?

Im doing a persuasive essay on Assited Suicide.

Do I capitalize assisted suicide everytime i use it in a sentence??

Also, any reasons for being against it?

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    I don't think you are required to capitialize "assisted suicide" every time you use it in a sentence, but if you did it probably wouldn't count against you.

    Here are a few reasons to be against it, as well as some topics for paragraphs of your essay

    1) Doctor assisted suicide Invades traditional morals

    2) Do humans have the right to take life?

    3) A person who is terminally ill may actually get better

    4) Would you consider this procedure to be inhumane?

    4) Would encourage suicide in the general population & increase suicide/death rate in people (teens if you are writing for high school)

    5) Doctors would dispute about it

    6) Hard to regulate

    7) Would doctors have to have a specific degree or license?

    8) What would the candidacy factors be for assisted suicide (ie would the patient have to be terminally ill etc)

    9) Would patient have to be psychologically sound?

    10) Would mental illness be addressed and/or fixed by this?

    11) Would this be cheaper than treatment? If so, list possible outcomes of the price differential (IE. people w/o insurance seeking suicide rather than treatment)

    12) Doctors may mistake diagnosis for terminal illness when it is not.

    These are all things to think about in this subject.

    If you don't mind me asking, did you pick this subject yourself or was it assigned to you? If It was assigned to you (or even if you picked it) I would encourage you to do a little research about it so you can create stronger points for or against it. For example, if you had a story about a terminally ill cancer patient who got better you could put it in your story as a point to show that assisted suicide would 'kill' a persons chance of survival. Or, if you had a stat. of death rate in say, brain cancer that would go for it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    No, it isn't necessary to capitalize these words every time.

    I can't comment on reasons for being against this "practice".

    I hope the essay works out.

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