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Did anyone else think that Malin Ackerman was bad as Silk Spectre in the Watchmen movie?

I just kept thinking, this girl cannot act! I mean, the only other movie I saw her in was 27 dresses with Katherine Heigl. Great movie, don't get me wrong, but it was a romantic comedy, i.e. I don't know if Malin can make the transition to action heroine to well...I mean, the only people who seem to have an opinion of her performance talk only about how hot she looked in latex.

I don't want to hear about how sexy she was! I mean, could have found a sexier actress who can actually act! (Oh and guys, that was totally a wig)

I loved the Watchmen movie and thought everyone else was properly and might I say equisitely portrayed. The other actors rocked. Especially Jackie Earle Haley who acted as Rorschach. But Malin is clearly getting more praise than she deserves!

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    I didn't know Alan Moore didn't like her until I just read the previous answer, I also did not care for her acting, well not just her I didn't like Adrian either and although I am a big fan of Patrick Wilson I felt he was also miscast. All of their roles felt very flat to me, something was certainly missing from their characters. I felt the actors playing Silk Spectre I, Dr. Manhattan and especially Rorschach did an amazing job. Which made the other actors look even worse by comparison.

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    No, I think she did a reasonably good job at portraying Laurie Juspeczyk. She was only in the Silk Spectre costume for a little bit; the rest of the time she wore normal clothing.

    Part of some people's dislike of her character is that Alan Moore himself was not overly fond of the younger Silk Spectre. In an interview he once stated that sometimes she seemed only to serve as a reason for the male characters to do something, that she had no real reason in and of herself.

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